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  1. Ayman

    [02x08] January 26, 2018

    Vote away. 8/10 for me... I think. Might elaborate in a later post. Oh and by the way they videoshopped Jezza's face into the Aston Martin during that overtake. Quite blatant, really. I'd have posted a screenshot but it doesn't work.
  2. Ayman

    [02x05] January 5, 2018

    Well. Dare I say "thank fuck" that wasn't as bad as the last episode, though that's not saying much. 1) I'm so glad Hammond did that opening item. Granted it's the same kind of stuff as with the Marauder and co. but that's okay. He's at his best when he does those and it was very enjoyable to...
  3. Ayman

    [02x04] December 29, 2017

    Saw that there was no thread yet. Had to get some thoughts out of my system before I completely forget about that episode. Let's get the McLaren item out of the way. Not much to say, really. Run-of-the-mill review. Personally, I didn't like the profile with the spoiler down. It looks flattened...
  4. Ayman

    Video: What's the title of this track please?

    Hey hey, I was watching this rather sad and thought-provoking documentary and I heard this track, and I can't quite pin down what it is. Thought some of you might have the answer. Starts at the 4m32 mark. Thanks in advance.
  5. Ayman

    A load of blather on the Bugatti Veyron... Sort of.

    I've written something about what I think of the Bugatti Veyron ... Well.. Somewhat. I guess this is just an opportunity for me to share my unborn blog somewhere. Living in a non-English-speaking country, it's very hard for me to get outside opinions. I would just like to know whether it's a...
  6. Ayman

    Video: Top Gear Laptime Record Progression [FanMade] #2

    [Original Thread] Originally posted this in the Video Offers sub-forum but it doesn't seem to have gotten much exposure there. And since I'm exclusively sharing this video with FG's fanbase, I thought I'd repost here. Hope you enjoy it!
  7. Ayman

    Your ideal episode...

    "Ambitious, but rubbish" ... Well they've certainly turned that from a humorous moto into a kingpin guideline on the India Special. They've certainly succeeded. Reading through post-show comments shows a certain nostalgy concerning what TG used to be. That gave me an idea on how to turn the...
  8. Ayman

    Clarkson's Patriotism and Anti-Americanism...

    So I've been watching several TG videos on Youtube lately, couldn't help but notice the growing number of Jezza haters. I am a huge fan of his, and one Youtube comment I did like about him However, He is often criticized for : 1) Liking every single British car, because it's British. 2)...