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  1. SV

    My 1985 ZL Ford Fairlane..

    It's big. It's Heavy. It's not 100%. It's my first car.. so it'll do :P It was good weather so I decided to wash/polish the car and blacken the bumpers (they had faded grey over the years). I was hoping to get some good pictures but the shitty quality of my phone camera doesn't show any of my...
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    Well the movie was released in Australia today and all i can say is WOW !!!! I never really knew much about the transformer series but the movie just looked awesome so i decided to go and see it and this turned out to be one of the best decisions ive made. Right from the get go the movie is...
  3. SV

    Does anyone here have any experience with Warcraft 3?

    Simply put, I'm not able to get onto I just bought the game the other day because my cousin told me too and was looking forward to trying it out with him but whenever i open the game and click on it always says the following... You may be trying to connect to an invalid...
  4. SV

    LP640 Roadster will be at the LA Autoshow.. Official press release should be soon and more pics should be over the internet over the next few days :cool: Here is probably the only pic i have seen that doesnt look like a photoshop.. :wub: Topgear article...
  5. SV

    Can you record..?

    Allrighty, ive got my xbox 360 plugged into my monitor through a vga plug. Is it possible to record what is on the screen?? Using a program like fraps or something?
  6. SV

    Help with using vga cables to comp monitors..

    Allright well im about to purchase a vga hdav cable so i can play my 360 on my monitor but i just need to know a few things.. At the moment my monitor is using a DVI cable to connect to the pc so i have a free vga slot avaliable on my monitor. If i just go and plug the xbox 360 into that vga...
  7. SV

    PGR3 fastest lap..

    Hey well i was just wondering if anybody would be interested in a Project Gotham Racing 3 leaderboard. Just like this one, except for PGR3. Track - City Hall Park Car - Any B Class Car Gear- Automatic or Manual CrazyCavia - 1:05.21 with...
  8. SV

    Future of the Aussie 6.. (Regarding Australia)

    I was watching sbs last night and they had an commerical for the melbourne motorshow and it said come witness the future of the aussie 6, if you cannot make it you can watch our webcast at 10AM on thursday morning. Well the website is and its got a countdown till 10AM on...