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  1. thejaredhuang

    [01x05] December 16th, 2016

    I liked this episode overall, felt like vintage Top Gear before it blew up into main stream. The battleship portion was almost the same as the RC cars and conkers like you said. I didn't particularly enjoy those segments when they originally aired but I did like this segment better. Even more...
  2. thejaredhuang

    [01x04] December 9nd, 2016

    After I had some more time to reflect I wish they would go back to the series 4-12 formula: 2 car reviews (1 to start, one after the news) and 1 longer film. I always thought the longer films could be longer and since they're cutting the SIARPC they could do that. This was the formula that I'm...
  3. thejaredhuang

    [01x04] December 9nd, 2016

    Didn't see a thread posted yet. What did you think? Thought it was the best one so far, actually LOL'd for the first time since Series 22.
  4. thejaredhuang

    Matt LeBlanc signs on for 2 more series

    To light a fire on the whole male vs female thing, I wouldn't mind if they got a female presenter as long as she spoke English well.
  5. thejaredhuang

    [23x05] June 26th, 2016

    Didn't think Evans was that bad this week, MLB getting better, Harris best as usual, still not warming up to Rory but I don't hate him. Didn't even realize Sabine wasn't in the episode until I read gtrNL's comment. Honestly Sabine is a good driver but I don't think shes that good of a presenter...
  6. thejaredhuang

    [23x04] June 19th, 2016

    Chris Harris great as usual, I'm not convinced of Rory Reid yet but I'll take him over the others, I skip over the RX guests cause I think the track is dumb but this was always the weakest part of the old show too IMO. The challenge had potential but it was ruined by lack of development and my...
  7. thejaredhuang

    [22x02] February 1st, 2015

    It was a good episode until they decided to herd cows. Why would anyone try to herd that many cows with a car? They were completely useless and it was a waste of time for them, the camera crew, and the viewers to watch them try. In all reality it was the helicopters doing 99.9% of the work the...
  8. thejaredhuang

    [22x01] January 25th, 2015

    I can't wait for their next foray to America from the montage. They're driving a Raptor!
  9. thejaredhuang

    Dad needs a car- Wagon Edition

    Skip the Impreza and get the Legacy or Forester. You'll like the extra room. <---- Owns an Impreza wagon.
  10. thejaredhuang

    James May's Cars of the People

    Ep 3 was a let down, I think some bits in ep 2 were good but ep 1 was the best one.
  11. thejaredhuang

    James May's Cars of the People

    I think James will have a good TV career after TG ends.
  12. thejaredhuang

    Which presenter do you relate to the most? Why?

    James because of engineering. I do really appreciate how James and Jeremy really like planes. E.g. when they were in Nevada and they saw the B2, the Migs in Albania(?), etc.
  13. thejaredhuang

    [21x03] February 16th, 2014

    It was a good episode made better without stupid things blowing up and dumb stunts. The Ukraine bit was their best "challenge" segment in a while.
  14. thejaredhuang

    [21x01] February 2nd, 2014

    It was good until the segment after SIARPC. They could have cut that bit and replaced it with a car review.
  15. thejaredhuang

    Should we ditch our custom filename format in favor of the Scene's?

    I like having the date in the file name.
  16. thejaredhuang

    What reviews/guests do you guys want to see for Series 21

    Being American, I want to see what they think about some of thew new products: ATS, CTS, and Stingray. I'd also like to see them review more normal cars, and I'm not talking about super minis, they seem to love the Mondeo but they haven't reviewed one for 2 generations. New 3 series, Holden...
  17. thejaredhuang

    What segments do you miss from the earlier seasons?

    Cool Wall, cheap car challenges. Build less rubbish like the Hover Van, it was entertaining but only when they were crashing.
  18. thejaredhuang

    [23x04] October 7th, 2013

    Fav episode this series so far. +1 for filming so much of it on roads I've driven :)
  19. thejaredhuang

    [20x01] June 30th, 2013

    I thought it was an average episode, the hot hatch segment was definitely the strongest part. I think the race was awful. It lacked everything that makes their usual races interesting including public transportation. SIARPC was ok, I only like their segments when the guest is a car enthusiast...
  20. thejaredhuang

    James May's Man Lab

    I watched the F1 Engineering Connections and it was good but its just a rehash of a science show I used to watch in middle school presented by James Burke. E.g. As an original series I like Man Lab. I haven't watched him and Oz on their booze cruises...