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  1. MamesJay

    Building the Super Computer: Indexing Data and Documents with 'Google Desktop'

    In another thread I was asking about the long-time storage of large amounts of data. It must be HDDs cause with the data consumption these days; DVDs are the new floppy discs. This time it's about the XXL-Computer that sits at home and is holding insane amounts of data, present, available at a...
  2. MamesJay

    HDD as a permanent backup/storage device

    I guess most people here can relate to the problem. Tons of data and the question how to store and protect it. First there were CDs, then DVDs, but these days with HD video and even photography's in RAW, the DVD is turning into the new floppy disc. Piling up and taking away space. And with 2,5'...
  3. MamesJay

    What's the secret of Leica? ...and else.

    Hey, I've just noticed this forum, on the board here. So, I'm kind of interested in photography. I don't want to turn it into a profession, but I'm interested to learn a little about substantial parts. Like lens and colors. has groups for certain cameras. So you can look at...