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    When does the new season start in your country?

    Folks, Well, from what I can tell, Top Gear starts this Sunday (March 5) in the UK, but here in the US, it won't start until the following Sunday (March 12) on BBC America. So much for "airing on the same day worldwide."
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    So, when does Season 2 start?

    Any news, thoughts, or predictions?
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    Wrong forum.... I'd delete this if I could figure out how....
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    [Rumor] It's on ITV??

    Just ran across this:
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    BBC / BBC Worldwide / Top Gear Live / and so on.

    Folks, So, what do you suppose will go forward regarding "contracts" with these different entities, if indeed they are "different?" I'm sure some of you guys know far more about this than I do, but this is what I'm wondering about: Presumably, the "contract that will not be renewed" is "with...