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    The Best Top Gear Special of all time?

    The Best Top Gear Special of all time? Which is it? I have found that personal opinions vary wildly when it comes to this, some people say its the Polar Special, others The American Southwest, and for some nothing beats Vietnam. I am predicting that this poll will be pretty closely contested...
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    Clarkson: Inventions that Changed the world

    I just caught the first episode of this show and thought I would give other finalgear members the heads up about it, its similar in vein to James Mays Big Ideas. The first episode is about the invention of the gun, the second the computer, etc, etc...
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    Who would love to see "Bush Mechanics" on TGA?

    If there ever was an Australian Motoring show that could hold a candle to Top Gear UK for total originality and entertainment it would have to be Bush Mechanics. Who here would love to see the Aboriginal Production team behind Bush Mechanics team up with Top Gear Australia to produce a regular...