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  1. LeVeL

    Dog waste

    Americans - what's the etiquette for walking a dog in a residential neighborhood? Obviously the dog will go #1 and #2 on various lawns (of course you pick up the latter) - do homeowners mind this? I've seen a few properties with signs asking dog owners to keep their pets off the grounds. I...
  2. LeVeL

    Genesis G70 wagon

    G70 Shooting Brake (it's really a wagon) is rumored. :wub:
  3. LeVeL

    The terrible financial decisions game

    I was listening to a podcast today and the discussion revolved around people financing car parts. Basically people who really want to modify their cars but can't afford to do so go through finance companies such as Affirm to take out high-interest loans for their parts list. The podcast hosts...
  4. LeVeL

    Unverified Ownership The modern Fairlane Thunderbolt - Ford Fusion Sport

    As some of you may remember, I was recently looking for recommendations for an AWD vehicle. Someone suggested a Ford Fusion Sport and I just shook my head - why would I want a Fusion? Isn't that just an American Camry? It's slow and boring! Then another person also mentioned the FuSp (Furt...
  5. LeVeL

    Apparently I need an AWD/4WD car now

    First winter with a REALLY steep driveway and even snow tires and an LSD are struggling. Also my street doesn't get plowed all that well. So methinks it might be time for a new car :cry: Top picks right now: Lincoln MKZ would be great but they're still pricey. 4th gen Acura TL came with a...
  6. LeVeL

    The college/university thread

    Lots to post on the topic of college admissions but I'll start with this: SAT to Give Students ‘Adversity Score’ to Capture Social and Economic Background New score comes as college admissions decisions are under scrutiny The College Board plans to assign an adversity score to every student...
  7. LeVeL

    The weekend thread

    What's everybody up to this weekend? I went for a hike and tried bird photography. Several lessons learned: 11am is too late to go. I forgot how small birds are. They can sit chirping in the tree I'm standing next to and I won't see them. Easiest way to spot birds is when they move. I.e. when...
  8. LeVeL

    What cars haven't aged well?

    I was behind a first-gen Cayenne the other day and I kept thinking about how utterly hideous it looked. Granted, it wasn't the best looking car when it came out circa 2002 but nowadays it just looks awkwardly old and outdated. It's a big difference from, say, the X5 that came out in 99 and still...
  9. LeVeL

    LeVeL's UK trip 2019

    Greetings, FG brain trust! The Mrs and I are heading across the pond in the fall and I've started putting together an itinerary. The plan is to see London, head west past Stonehenge towards Swansea, then north towards Newcastle, then further north to Edinburgh and Glasgow. I also really want to...
  10. LeVeL

    Portuguese customs

    Can customs open my packages without me being present? Is that legal? They "randomly selected" all of my packages. I've been sitting here all day.
  11. LeVeL

    Emissions system not ready to be tested

    Early in September I went to the dealership because they seem to be the only ones capable of correctly balancing my wheels. While there they offered to do my inspection and I agreed. They came back after a while claiming that the system isn't ready to test and showed me a printout that said that...
  12. LeVeL

    Traffic violations in Europe

    According to my car rental company, I'm up to four tickets from my trip to Italy back in June: access to a restricted area with no authorization circulating on a public transport reserved lane speed limit exceeded unknown So far they have provided absolutely no evidence to support any of the...
  13. LeVeL

    ArmedCats problem

    Why can't I see the upload/browse button on armedcats in Chrome or FireFox? I had this problem before and I remember that the solution was simple but can't recall the specifics.
  14. LeVeL

    The civil rights thread

    SCOTUS will be hearing arguments in the gay wedding cake case today. What are we thinking? I think it's a pretty interesting case. Personally, I think it's a bit silly... in fact, I think the entire debate about gays is silly because a) I couldn't care less what people do behind closed doors...
  15. LeVeL

    Ignore this - problem solved itself

    I've been using the Drive plugin for Excel (Windows 10) for several months without issue. However, today when I go to open a file from Drive via the plugin, I get to the "Open from Google Drive" menu but I'm unable to click on "Share with me" or "Upload" or "Previously Selected", so I can't...
  16. LeVeL

    Chrysler and UAW criminality

    UAW sure does a lot to protect the workers... Well, a couple of them at least.
  17. LeVeL

    Once again, time for a new phone

    I love my Sony xperia Z3v (Verizon) but I just had to do a second factory reset in as many months and it's already running kind of slow. I love the camera (especially in low light) and batter life of this thing. Current ideas for replacement, in order of current preference: LG G6 Galaxy S7 or...
  18. LeVeL

    Potentially in the market for an SUV

    M'lady currently drives a 2008 Grand Cherokee Limited with a 4.7L V8, fully loaded. She loves it but, it being an older Chrysler product, we fear that it will suffer a catastrophic failure at some point (e.g. we need to fix the AC and that's a $2k job we want to avoid). So we're considering...
  19. LeVeL

    Business desktop

    I'm currently running two monitors off of a laptop that has a Radeon R6 1.80 GHz, 8GB RAM, Windows 10. It struggles when I have a lot of files open and frequently hits 100% CPU usage. My boss has agreed to get me a desktop and is even willing to entertain the possibility of me building one...
  20. LeVeL

    Possible leak?

    Pull into the driveway in the jeep, get out, and notice a rainbow colored trail leading down the street into my driveway. Got under the car - no visible leaks. No discernable smell that I could detect. Dipsticks for oil and trans show a good level of both fluids. Same discoloration was also on...