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  1. Galantti

    Ownership Verified: My its_not_a_golf ev (2020 VW id3)

    Lol, bought it! It is 2020 VW id3 1st max -edition, in makena turquoise color. Since we had a trackday coming 2 days after i bought the car, i sorta had to lap the ev. While i went to the dB measuring (public trackday -brah), i had i laught with the guy measuring the car...
  2. Galantti

    Someone Else's Problem: Ein Deutsches Wagen für Galantti (2011 Audi A7)

    After 4 years of ownership, i decided to sell the DS3, and did it in first week of January 2018. And in its place I got something that had 4 doors instead of 2, Let me introduce: 2011 Audi A7 3L tdi, with 83k km. Exterior color is Dakota grey pearl, and the interior is Milano-leather...
  3. Galantti

    Ownership Verified: The blue Fiesta diesel van driver of Finland

    So gaiz i have to inform you that i didn't (yet?) buy Audi S6 in blue, but i needed something with bigger trunk for the work (and getting car from work means loosing km-compensation so no to that). I bought a 2013 Fiesta SportVan! Since Germans hate diesel, its a 1.6L Tdci with 95HP and 5...
  4. Galantti 2016

    Lets start this year nearly half a year later :D in winter i got this idea of doing Saariston Rengastie (in clockwise) in summer with my scooter, and suggested the idea to Anesthesia and he liked it aswell. The road has so many ferries that it might/will take the day to drive/ride whole route...
  5. Galantti

    Ownership Verified: Weird Finn buys a scooter (Honda NM4 Vultus)

    Hey i went more insane and bought a Scooter! a Honda NM4 Vultus :D It was Honda importer showbike, so it had 1245km, but got new bike warranty + 1500euros off the asking price. Here i am on the bike:
  6. Galantti

    Games not starting

    So my conputer started this really weird thing, nearly all of my games from steam library starts and just after any video that starts with the game suddenly freezes and screen goes black apart from the windows popup that is looking a solution. my pc is: i5 3570k no overclocks, 16GB ram...
  7. Galantti

    Ownership Verified: La voiture pour Le Galantti

    I have had my driving licence for 9 years now and i have been driving Chrysler Pt Cruiser for the same time. Now is a good time to get myself a my very first car.... And i got myself a Citro?n DS3 vti 120 so chic automatic in Yellow with black roof. Currently the car has winter tires...
  8. Galantti

    Vanilla: Mindcrack Ultra hardcore

    As the latest Mindcrack UHC season 9 ended, i started to wonder if there would be players wanting to do FG UHC? It would be as the folks on Mindcrackers play it: - Eating won't heal you, only golden apple (made with gold ingots) or potion of healing/regeneration. - Playerlist shows players...
  9. Galantti

    Enderdragon slaying in fg-server -event!

    Dear Players of Minecraft! You know that we have our server with its 5th or even 6th map iteration running now on 1.4.7. We have run with this map for 2 monhts, and now we have finally decided the day we wanna (try to) slay the enderdragon. The day we decited is sunday 3rd of feb 2013 starting...
  10. Galantti

    FinalCraft Server Talk

    [Edit by PacketCollision]I split this off from the server status thread to keep that one only about issues with the server. Use this thread to talk about the goings-on of the server.[/edit] i hereby declare this new bridge.... OPEN
  11. Galantti

    1.8 / full release -discussion!

    So since the server has basicly dying off from no peeps playing, me and Dins0815 thought that we could reset the current server @ 1.8 / full release. (But still keep the current server as .rar/.zip) But before that, how about we could make community project? Like a floating island or vipers...
  12. Galantti

    Post your Furmark results (remember to send the results to the

    So Thanks so certain someone in #gear, i installed Furmark to test opengl from my machine: donwload latest furmark here: Post your result in 1280x1024 benchmark-mode with 4x MSAA Windowed (Windowed crops the screen a little) (or if you like use fullscreen...
  13. Galantti

    Eve online, FG corporation and other talk

    First some info about EVE Online: Read here more about Eve So Me, Sued and Mikas talked in irc and Sued founded a Eve Online corporation. Corporation Name = Final Gear Location = Lustrevik VII - moon 9 - Brutor Tribe Bureau Corp is mainly Mission and Mining -corporation. If you play...
  14. Galantti

    Suggestions to new Adsl-modem

    so my trusty A-link roadrunner 44A (or B :P ) is showing its age of 7 years old, the isp repairman suggested that i look newer modem. i have linksys wrt54gl-eu as a firewall, and 1 really bad case of zyxel prestige 660HW-61, that needs to rebooted every 12 hours. And zyxel + linksys isn't...
  15. Galantti

    Jabra jx10 bluethooth battery dead

    I got jabra jx10 wireless headset as a gift :P And it has dead battery, as it hasn't been used at all after its purchace in 2005 :o Now do you guys know a way to "revieve" the battery, or am i just wasting my and your time? If you find a replacent that i can use (and doesn't cost more than...
  16. Galantti

    Steam connection issue

    Hello, my i'm win7 user with steam, F-secure Tech. Prev. 2009, Hamachi and for past week my steam could connect to its servers and i was able to play internet. But today my lan didn't worked when opened the pc, and i got it working by rebooting router + pc. But now steam don't have acces to...
  17. Galantti

    "Need new phone with wlan"......Finland -version

    as no one replied to my post in the other thread, i'm creating new. I also need new phone, as i live in finland and i don't want any operator locked phone. The specs that i have though are: - max 270eur, (300 is maybe) - wlan - need to access "normal" web-pages. i'm not going to use 3g, as...
  18. Galantti

    FTTX to the Housing

    Okay i'm doing some pre research to the place i live about the FTTX (Fiber To The X) services. The place is an housing cooperative, with 30 "flats?". The wires are 20 years old cat-3 cables (phone) so 100Mbits are out of the question, but vdsl and adsl are both good options as the caples are...
  19. Galantti

    Windows Vista backup problem

    So i'm trying to do a backup with M$ backup software from my vista laptop to my home server over lan. Under this is a view of my network. And here's the problem (in finnish thought) that basicly complaints that i don't have enought privilages to use the desired place as a backup folder...
  20. Galantti

    Germans give me your laptops!

    So my relative is going to berlin to study (dunno what) and she needs a new laptop. So... 1. ... are Laptops in Germany cheaper than in Finland? 2. if there is 1 laptop to buy then will its warranty work in Finland also? 3. she doesn't play games. so no ultimate gaming laptop. Please answer.