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    What Happened to the Photography Industry in 2018?

    What Happened to the Photography Industry in 2018?
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    Sony a7R III
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    Camera to complement your phone

    Are you looking to buy a camera to complement your smartphone but dont know what to get? Then read on! If size & weight are important and you have no plans to buy a 2nd lens then a point & shoot with a large image sensor like those found in a Four Thirds, APS-C, Full frame camera may be of...
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    Amazon Prime Video available worldwide before 2017

    It's available in the Philippines without need for a VPN. I took advantage of the Amazon Prime Video deal of $79 for a year
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    ID old Muscle Cars

    Hi! I am the little kid at center. Could you ID these muscle cars that were owned by grandpa? The photo was taken in the early 80s. I think the right car is a Pontiac while the left car is a Mustang. me with old muscle cars by alabang, on Flickr
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    Facebook now allows all users to do 360 photos & video.

    Facebook now allows all users to do 360 photos & video. Link leads to my 360 photo on Facebook. The 360 photo was assembled from multiple stills taken using the Google Camera app for Android. I know Google Street View for iOS can do 360 photos/Photospheres. For a 360 video or single shot 360...
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    LaForet: Dedicated Cameras are Coming to an End for all but PROS

    I am sharing this on every photo forum I am a member of as we are either working or hobbyist photographer who have probably bought a mirrorless/SLR camera. I find it a fun topic to talk about, assuming you aren't selling these still cameras. Vincent LaForet was the first to promote the coming...
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    Can anyone ID this bridge in Florence Italy

    florence bridges by Mister Dolina, on Flickr Taken late April 1998.
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    Typhoon Haiyan: 7 months later

    Tacloban Fish Shed by alabang, on Flickr This was photographed at was once a very busy and bustling "Fish Shed" for the city of Tacloban that serviced most of the seafood requirement of Eastern Visayas. After nearly 7 months the people who worked there are building back and going back to...
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    Photographs in the "Blue Hour"

    Per Wikipedia: "The blue hour is the period of twilight... where there is neither full daylight nor complete darkness. The time is considered special because of the quality of the light". You guys all know that, but in some ways to me it is even more special than the golden hour. Well here a...
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    Typhoon Haiyan: 4 months later

    On March 7-8 I went around the islands of Leyte and Samar to survey the progress being made in the rehabilitation of Haiyan-hit areas of Eastern Visayas in the Philippines. Although disheartening from a a local's point of view I see that life is slowly going back to normal. Villa Calicoan by...
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    Track Day 2014

    Photographed at the Batangas Racing Circuit. Track Day 2014 by, on Flickr
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    Spoilers: Sub-$200 128GB CompactFlash Memory Cards

    Has anyone used the following 128GB CompactFlash Memory Cards from RiData/RiTek? My sole experience with this brand is with their blank CDs and DVDs. I learned about these really "low" cost memory cards from another forum when I asked about 128GB CF cards selling for under $200. On the...
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    Merry Christmas to Everyone!

    To everyone who celebrates Christmas a Merry Christmas to you! To everyone else a Happy Holiday/Season's Greetings! Black-faced Spoonbill (Platalea minor) by alabang, on Flickr Bird: Location:,_Pampanga...
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    2014 VW Tiguan TDI or 2014 Subaru Forester XT?

    My Forester XT got stuck in a flood and my insurance declared it a total loss. Now, VW just opened in the Philippines this week and I am considering the Tiguan TDI. Spec sheet of each are below. Lemmie know which you'd take...
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    Lindsey Stirling in Manila

    So I was able to shoot the Lindsey Stirling concert at ATC yesterday... Lindsey Stirling at Alabang Town Center by alabang, on Flickr Lindsey Stirling at Alabang Town Center by alabang, on Flickr Lindsey Stirling at Alabang Town Center by alabang, on Flickr Lindsey Stirling at Alabang...
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    Which episode is this OTHER GT86 video review from?

    I assume this was from one of Jeza's independently made car review DVDs. But I do not know which one. >_<
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    My New Subaru...

    Yeah, yeah... it's a daddy's car but it's still pretty sway! 2014 Subaru Forester XT by alabang, on Flickr Subaru hasnt officially launched the car in the Philippines to my knowledge and I havent seen anyone else drive one. Ignore the white Korean it's the car of another guy getting cash from...
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    Developing World Sightings (Philippine Edition)

    SLR by alabang, on Flickr