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    The Grand Tour: Launch Date

    Just wish Amazon would get a move on and open up Prime in more countries. Can't watch it here in Denmark. I want to give them money and they wont let me!
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    Food! [The thread that started this section]

    That was too much liquid for my taste in those potatoes. Also, only butter on top? Melt that shit up with the cream, and lots of it. Heston Blumenthal adds anywhere between 25 and 50% of the potatoes' weight in butter, but that's an extreme example.. :D
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    Food! [The thread that started this section]

    I've watched the first two, and I'm a bit dissapointed that the food doesn't play a larger part. It's all about the chefs and their personal stories.
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    iPhone / iOS Thread

    Not going to get the first Watch, but I may get one a generation or two down the road. Seems to me there's still a lot of issues that will solve themselves with time and better tech.
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    Jeremy Clarkson Suspended Over Fracas

    No official news today, and tomorrow you can't believe anything that gets published.. :P
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    2015 Formula 1 Season Thread

    Official statement from McLaren: Part about the cause:
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    Breaking Bad

    I've watched the two first episodes, and they're surprisingly good. Shouldn't really be surprising with Vinge Gilligan writing I guess, but "spin-off" isn't usually something you think of as a good thing. Bob Odenkirk does a great job, I'll definitely be watching the rest of the show.
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    Food! [The thread that started this section]

    My Bamix is easily my favourite piece of kit in my kitchen. It's relatively expensive, but it's seriously a case of getting what you pay for.
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    [22x04] February 15th, 2015

    You can still see who voted if you press the numbers to the left in the poll.
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    Top Gear will go on for the next 3 years (at least)

    If anything, the Australia episode this season showed that they've still got a lot left in them. Why would they stop? If they're having fun, and we're having fun, there's no reason to.
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    [22x04] February 15th, 2015

    Not much of it does ^_^ But yes, this does look like a car-focused episode, for all of you "purists".
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    [22x03] February 8th, 2015

    I think it looks fun. I can live with being an utter moron:heart:
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    An Evening with Top Gear

    Damn, only caught the last 5 minutes. Seems like a really fun idea though!
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    Grand Theft Auto V: PC Edition

    How the hell is delaying the game milking it? If anything you should be glad that they seem to working hard on making the PC version worthwhile. I get that there are PC gamers shouting "GTA was originally a PC franchise!" and getting annoyed that they have to wait, but you can't seriously get...
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    Series 22 Spoilers

    I don't really see why you'd be alarmed by the Evening with Top Gear thing. People have been foreseeing the end of Top Gear for years and years now. The Q&A thing is just as easily something new they'd like to try out, taking advantage of new possibilities in streaming, getting a bit closer to...
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    Top Gear Injuries

    Have you watched old episodes recently? Yeah, their car reviews were more basic, but they had a shitload of scripted gag-bits in their early stuff as well. The kind of stuff that people would be pissed about if they happened in a new episode. Scripting in Top Gear if far from anything new...
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    iPhone / iOS Thread

    Had my 6 for a week now, it's quite an awesome phone. The size took all of half an hour to get used to. I'm just so happy to have a phone that can hold a charge for an entire day, with my 4S I was looking for a charger early evening, with the 6 I've still got 30% left when I go to bed :) My...
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    22's gonna be a 16 episode behemoth?

    They've stated 14 episodes per year in the past, right? So what, one season a year now? :) Not that I'm complaining right now, very much like the fact that I have 13 episodes to look forward to within the not very distant future!
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    Food! [The thread that started this section]

    Well, you specifically mentioned a 30? burger, and you can get pre-made products that'll go perfectly with that. I work in a couple of restaurants that serves steaks and fries, not in-expensive places to eat. Average spend per costumer is around 60-70?. In the one, we cut our own potatoes, and...
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    Food! [The thread that started this section]

    You can get perfectly decent high-end frozen french fries. Obviously you're going to have a higher ceiling, quality-wise, if you cut them yourself, but I've definitely experienced premade french fries that I wouldn't at all mind getting in a restaurant.