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  1. kurthest

    Giant Jezza head being driven about

    So anyone have any inside info on what this is all about?
  2. kurthest

    People of the Alps, I need your help

    So, I've been planning a 2 week trip through Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Italy, France and Switzerland, starting early May. But I've just become aware of the fact that many of the passes I plan to drive usually don't open until June. So if you have knowledge of the current conditions in...
  3. kurthest

    Awesome video by 3 germans imitating CHM road trip

    Ok, I found this video and thought it was awesome. I hope it hasnt been posted here before, couldn't find it by searching at least. It's basically 3 germans doing a spin on a CHM road trip to the french alps.
  4. kurthest

    Those crazy dutchies - Driving schools can, by law, take payment in sexual favours Are they serious? Students are not allowed to offer sex as payment for driving lessons, however the driving school can offer driving lessons with sexual favours as payment. This doesn't...
  5. kurthest

    Tesla Model S catches fire while charging Tesla catches fire after owner leaves the car charging at one of Teslas supercharging stations. Apparently the firefighters pulled the car away from the charging area, but where unable to put out the burning...
  6. kurthest

    BMW Alpina B4 - Dealers, warranty and service

    I'm in the thinking box getting a replacement for my BMW 335i, and I am very tempted by the BMW Alpina B4 Biturbo. However, I have been trying to get an answer to this question: Will BMW service the Alpina cars and will they honor the warranty? Even my rep at the local BMW dealer had problems...
  7. kurthest

    Top Gear spotted in Beitost?len, Norway

    So, it appears the Top Gear crew came to Norway for some filming today. Google Translate does a poor job at translating, but...
  8. kurthest

    Rewatching Top Gear

    So, how many of you are rewatching old series of Top Gear between series 15 and 16? I have started from series 1 for the 20-something-th time, and still think its funny. Well except for Jason :P Would be nice to hear how many times people have rewatched the ENTIRE series, starting from the...
  9. kurthest

    James May driving to work in his Porsche 911 Carrera S

    I'm sorry if this have been posted elsewhere, but couldnt find it. Anyways, I thought it was quite interesting, and so will many others I guess!
  10. kurthest

    Undeniable signs of Global Warming

    The last days events is a clear sign that global warming is in fact happening. There is no doubt in my mind the eco-mentalists are right! (right?)
  11. kurthest

    Preventing cartheft/breakins

    I got a tip from someone who said his car never gets broken in to, he has experienced cars on both sides of his being broken in to while his was untouched. And that is despite of the fact he leaves his GPS and other stuff visible for all to see. He said he has a sticker on windows at both sides...
  12. kurthest

    Thinking of buying a new car

    Let me first say that I'm looking for a sporty, 4wd car with decent performance. I have 2 contenders. Audi S4 with the 3.0 supercharged v6, which with options I want will cost the equivalent of ?135000. BMW 335i xDrive Coupe , which with options I want will cost the equivalent of ?105000...
  13. kurthest

    Autobahn - Whats the story in 2009

    We've all seen Jezza praise the no speedinglimits of the Autobahn, but I've been hearing that they have changed that somewhat. Can anyone german give a sitrep on how it is today? Which roads on the Autobahn have no limits? Is there a map on the Internet showing the roads and their limits/no limits?
  14. kurthest

    Recommendations for spots in Lisboa

    I'm going to Lisboa and Madeira this summer, and as I have never been to Lisboa before I'd like to hear from some photographers that have. What locations would you recommend to find some great photo spots?
  15. kurthest

    Brits and coping with snow

    Bugger. I'll post in that other thread then!