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  1. devil500

    Battlefield: Bad Company 2

    Seems like a kick ass FPS. I'm posting this because well the PC beta starts tonight and a little more than a month away from the full release! :cool: Steam/Gamestop and other places have Beta Keys if you pre order :)
  2. devil500

    Autoblog: 2010 Suzuki Kizashi I like this a lot looks like a solid auto.
  3. devil500

    The BlackBerry Thread

    Seems a few of you guys and gals have a Blackberry so maybe we can help each other out and share some apps and other things. Blackberry OS: Bold 9000: Latest OS: Curve 8900: Latest OS: v4.6.1.231 Curve 83xx: Latest OS:v4.5.0.124 *Feel free to add OS to the list just post...
  4. devil500

    My Focus SVT (ST170)

    Well I got my first car so it is my pride and joy! The car has 100,000miles on the clock, and some minor things like a new set of tires, but that's about it. Anyways pics of it right now since I bought it out of state I still have to process the paperwork in New York so right now it's in my...
  5. devil500

    Autoblog: GM Performance Parts to offer new Camaro Body For $7,000 they'll sell you a Camaro Chassis for race use only not bad base for a kick as track car I'd say. :cool: