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  1. leviathan

    Another "recommend me a car" thread - this one is for my brother.

    Good news - my brother has passed his driving license test, and is now legally allowed to drive a car. Too bad he doesn't have one. This is something I intend to fix, together with our parents - his 20th birthday is coming up in a couple months, I think it's a fitting occasion. I've talked to...
  2. leviathan

    The Power Tools Thread

    A place to discuss anything and everything concerning various tools for the lazy people that run on electricity or other power sources.
  3. leviathan

    DIY Smart Mirrors and how to make one

    Since this topic has sparked some interest in my Tesla PYC thread, I thought I'd make a writeup on it in here. This should cover the bases for most everything involved - what Smart Mirrors are, how they work, and what do you need to get and do to make one of your own. Let's get started. WTF is...
  4. leviathan

    Ownership Verified: The wait was long enough: leviathan's Tesla Model 3 Performance

    Three years ago, I stood in line outside a small store in downtown Frankfurt to place a reservation on a car, with a bunch more excited people: We didn't know what it would look like. Only a few key facts were given: the base version would cost 35k$, it would be a sedan slightly smaller than...
  5. leviathan

    Roadtrip 2018 Balkan Edition - In the Game of Shades, you win or you fry

    Have some random pictures of the awesome roadtrip. More pics and some videos to come soon. Heading into Montenegro highlands. Kotor bay ferry. Old Bridge in Mostar. Some other bridge in Mostar. Rama lake in Bosnia, unedited. Town of Omis in Croatia. A coastal road in Croatia...
  6. leviathan

    Someone Else's Problem: Oh no, they've got another one - leviathan's MX-5 NC

    Many here already know what's up, but to summarize: - My Tesla preorder is at least another year out - My previous car was a large diesel in Germany, and needed to go for multiple reasons - I decided I wanted something small, cheap-ish, fun and preferrably convertible, to last at least until...
  7. leviathan

    Someone Else's Problem: Now actually mine: 2011 Audi A5 3.0 TDI Quattro

    Well, that's over with - out with the Merc, in with the Audi. A couple weeks ago I found out that I was in a rather interesting situation with my previous car, the Mercedes C200 estate. It boiled down to the following points: - The financing on the car was due to run out later this year. Given...
  8. leviathan

    Ringmeet 2013 - Is that the turbo?

    Continuing the tradition of moving on from this year's Ringmeet thread into the Photography section for the aftermath. Tons of pictures will be here soontm, I hope. For now, have a couple opening snapshots from this morning's quadcopter shenanigans: *edit* Finished aerial video to be found...
  9. leviathan

    '74 Lada 2101 - worth keeping?

    OK, here's the story. My granddad back in Ukraine still has his first car parked in the garage. It's a beige 1974 Lada 2101 (basically a Soviet-built Fiat 124), with something like 100'000km on the clock, in pretty good condition as far as I'm aware. Looking like this (not the actual car, I...
  10. leviathan

    Sound desync in long game cutscenes

    I seem to have a weird problem with long cutscenes in some games on my PC. In long cutscenes, sound seems to play a little bit slower than video, so that over time, a very noticeable delay builds up. Games I have noticed this in (not an exclusive list): Portal 2 (the long cutscene at the very...
  11. leviathan

    Creating a RAID stripe from existing drive, keeping data

    OK, I need an expert's opinion on what I have planned to do on my working machine. I have planned the thing out, but I'm just not sure what problems I could run into, and since this is my main work computer, it's sort of important that I at least get it working as it did before at the end. What...
  12. leviathan

    '10 C-class - the mafia bus

    Right, after a while of choosing and a few test drives (and a lot of recommendations from the forums here) I went and got myself a German estate, in a form of a W204 C-class. Almost new, only 10kkm on the clock, has been a dealership car for half a year. Less talk, more pictures: The...
  13. leviathan

    Choosing a German estate: A4, 3-series or C-class?

    Hello again, everybody. Now that my old A6 has broken down again, and this time the repair costs seem to have reached half the entire car's worth, I'm fed up and want to get rid of it. After some thinking I've decided I want a sensible German estate, with an automatic and something around...
  14. leviathan

    Building a new home server

    Well, since my new-ish desktop PC is now settled in quite nicely, I began thinking about replacing the second old desktop that is under my desk and serves as a 24/7-on home server thing of sorts. Firstly, what I use it for. Mainly it is an advanced NAS, sharing a lot of files between the PCs in...
  15. leviathan

    Yet another "Help me buy a new car" thread

    Yes, there's been quite a few of these here lately. And now came a time, where I also stand before the choice, what to drive in the next few years, and I might need your help with this one. My A6 has done a good job being my first car, but I think it's time to go on. From driving it the last 2...
  16. leviathan

    Top Gear Live - Recording?

    So the Top Gear Live events are starting today and will continue over the next time in different locations. Is there going to be any video recording of that, except the obvious amateur YouTube clips? It probably won't get broadcasted, but is there a chance it might become a DVD or something of...