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    Bin Laden dead

    Links to follow along with President obamas announcement.
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    North Korean fires artillery on South

    North Korea opened fire on a South Korean island less than 3 hours ago.
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    Need car suggestions for my mother

    61 year old lady looking for a car. CPO works if the brand has a good enough program, but for my peace of mind I'd prefer new. 20-30k USD FWD/AWD (AWD Preferred) Heated Seats If able, GPS. Gogogo!
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    Random Thoughts... [Photographic Edition]

    So, it's about time this sub-forum gets one. Seems like everything but photography and porn has a Random Thoughts. So, here it is. This is for all the crap that doesn't really have a place in Lens Flair, Post your gear, Q&A, etc. Outtakes, BS, simple questions, photonerd talk, even trial and...
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    Waterboarding: Not just America!

    I'd like to welcome our English friends along for another joy ride, courtesy "War-on-Terror Airlines"! Wait, it's not terrorists? It's drug dealers?! Sauce
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    So, just loaded the trial. Wow that's a shit load of stuff that wasn't in Picasa. Tips/Hints? I'm looking to go a little bit beyond basic photo editing and management, and I'm really interested in the burn/dodge feature.
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    Spoilers: Random Thoughts (Sports)

    Well, because we finally have our own section, here's our own Random Thoughts thread. We can use it for everything from heated comments that don't really have a place too using it for sports that may not otherwise need a dedicated thread. I'll start. Screw the NBA. I might, might watch if its...
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    Doctors get performance incentives in UK

    The UK is beginning to consider adding performance pay to the offers for surgeons. I whole heartedly agree with the positions of the leading surgeons and patients groups. While the intent of this initiative is good (getting life saving surgeons more money than tit-builders ie: ER docs), it...
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    "Problem Families"

    Article You know what will help families with problem children? Evicting them. Discuss.
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    Meet Dick, get Bushed

    So, some young lad with some ties to the White House is apparently arranging time with senior administration officials for generous donations to the Bush library. Video and article here Discuss. Personally, I'm skeptical. But I'm certainly not going to rule out that it is occurring.
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    Found some old SLR's in the house...

    So, doing some summer cleaning and moving about the house and in an old cabinet I find a Canon AE-1 and a Canon A-1. I've been looking into DSLR's lately as I'm finding my self lured to do some photography, so these were an intriguing find. No idea what to do with them, as they're film cameras...
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    [UK] Your wares in a safe deposit box?

    Yay for batch searches! Source The BBC report is light on details, but I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume these aren't targeted raids of specific safe deposit boxes rather they are searching entire swaths of these things. Guess they're not so safe after all... If you find details in other...
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    Red Heads have more fun! (Yay for everyone!)

    Article: Paging Dr. Blind, Paging Dr. Blind....
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    Need help deciding on a NAS

    Alright, so between my 4 computers, my modded xbox, and my families computers I've got a bit of data. I'd like to consolidate all of the data into a central server. Furthermore I'd like to ensure that I have a proper data backup system in place as well, both from clients-->server as well as on...
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    Hamster - National Treasure?

    Was browsing over the Telegraphs site today, and noticed an article on 'national treasures'. At the end of the article it includes a list of the next Elton Johns, included in that list is Richard Hammond! So, to the English members of the site, is Hammond one of your national treasures? And to...
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    World ice speed record....Bentley?

    Bentley now apparently owns the world speed record on ice :blink: Full Article :jeremy: Would love this!