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  1. Jens

    Deciding on a new laptop. Opinions needed!

    Usually I know very well for myself what I want/need in terms of computers, tablets, smartphones,... But right now I'm having a bit of a struggle justifying it. A few weeks ago I made the switch from a self-employed freelancer to a large company. The day after receiving my company laptop my 4...
  2. Jens

    Mercedes-Benz W201 190E - Small oil leak

    As some of you might remember, I was looking for a winter beater late last year. Basically I just lusted for something new (or old in this case) and was looking for an excuse. Well, I bought a W201 190E from 1985 meeting only 2 of the original criteria: tow hook and (sorta) bulletproof. Now it...
  3. Jens

    Two seater winter beater: buying advice

    First things first. No, I'm not looking for a Miata or Porsche. I am, however, trying to figure out wether it would make financial sense to buy a car which I can take to work without having to leave my Golf parked in the streets. It's not like we get horrible winters over here, not even close...
  4. Jens

    [Survey] Help a brother out (literally)!

    Dear people of Final Gear, My brother-in-law has been burdened with the task of conducting a small market survey for his English course. I thought I'd help him out a bit by posting a link to his survey on here. The questionnaire (link) should only take about a minute to complete. Thanks!
  5. Jens

    Equus Bass 770

  6. Jens

    Ownership Verified: 2013 Volkswagen Golf VII

    I finally got to pick up my new car, nine long weeks after placing the order. As some of you may recall, last year I was looking for a relatively cheap but interesting hatchback for the misses and ended up with? A Renault Twingo. There was some reasoning behind this madness though. I had (and...
  7. Jens

    Car Recommendation Thread N?4798427 - Car for the misses

    Once again I would like to consult the collective wisdom of FinalGear, this time concerning the search for a new (used) car for the misses. I'll cut right to the chase, here are the requirements: - Above all, it should be reliable - Relatively low running costs - Decent boot space (5 door...
  8. Jens

    Autoblog: Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG - 2.0 turbo good for crazy 185 HP per liter

    Source The important bits: AWD, rear-wheel bias is possible, around 370 hp and 300 pound-feet of torque
  9. Jens

    Analog/Film SLR

    After a quick search for a thread about analog photography nothing came up, so I figured a dedicated thread might be in order. A friend of mine is planning to get rid of his old Olympus OM-1, it dates back to the early 80s. He says it is in working order and instead of letting him throw it away...
  10. Jens

    Nikon DSLR advice

    Dear photographers of Final Gear, I'm looking for a new DSLR (well new or used), and because I have no first hand experience with any of the following cameras I could use some advice. First of, my previous camera was a D5000. With this purchase I would like to up the game a bit so this means I...
  11. Jens

    Kids set puppy on fire - Sign petition to stop animal abuse!

    Title says it all, I warn you, the video is extremely shocking! Link to article and video (in dutch): Link to petition: I think it's clear that these kids cannot be left unpunished.
  12. Jens

    Classic Mini - What to look out for

    Hi guys, I could use some help/advice My girlfriend and I are looking at classic Mini's, she desperately wants one ever since I met her and now she's looking into buying one which would have to serve as a daily driver (she doesn't drive a lot actually). So I'd like to ask for some FinalGear...
  13. Jens

    Need some computer advice (may contain sandy bridges)

    I've been talking a while about getting a new desktop, ever since the Sandy Bridge platform came out actually, but I never really had the financing. Well due to some unforseen events I now need to make a decission. I'm in my first year of university doing Commercial Engineering in Policy...
  14. Jens

    Logitech G27 - No FFB in game

    After years of trouble free gaming with my G25 and G27 I recently got some problems with all of my games. In the game, there is absolutely no Force Feedback, although when I'm on my desktop the wheel is properly "weighted", so it must have something to do with the drivers. After consulting...
  15. Jens

    Your perfect two car garage

    After looking for a similar thread I only found a "Perfect 10 car garage" thread, but I wanted to know what cars you'd take if you only were allowed two of them. The budget is unlimited and you can pick any two cars you want, but keep in mind it would be in your current life. So you'd...
  16. Jens

    2 column div: CSS issue

    I'm in the progress of overhauling my website. What I need on this page is a layout with 2 columns. In Chrome everything looks okay, all the content goes where it should. But in IE and FF the content that is supposed to be in the right div show up underneath the content in the first div <_<...