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  1. caro

    New monitor

    I think it's time to replace my 17inch 1280x1024 monitor. One quick question, 24-inch most common 1920x1080 full hd screen or go big pimpin' with 27-inch 2560x1440 pixels ?
  2. caro

    New tv

    I would like to buy a tv. Basic 40-43 inch display, full hd. I don't really need 4k, smart tv, android, 3d. I just want the image quality. Ideas ?
  3. caro

    Top 3 Bond girls

    I'm just after the whole series once again so let's pick the best chicks... No 3. Mary Goodnight -The man with the golden gun No 2. Fiona Volpe - Thunderball No 1. And my absolute fav, Pam Bouvier - License to kill :wub:
  4. caro

    automatic gearbox...

    So it's time for me to choose a car for my mother and I don't really know what to do. She wants something small or compact size, with auto gearbox from early to mid 00s. My first suggestion is a Merc A-class, but W169 is too expensive, and W168 is a bit rubbish. Ideas ?
  5. caro

    South of France

    I want to visit the south of France next year. Let's say Monte Carlo, Nice, Cannes, St. Tropez. - Which month to choose ? (No, I'm not interested in the GP, I want the travel to be cheap) - How much money do I need ? - Why do I need so much money ? How to make it cheaper ? Probably I will go...
  6. caro

    I need a laptop

    So my Fujitsu Siemens is really old now and I need a replacement. I have no idea what to buy. I just want it to be reliable. I can spend up to 1000 euros (max). I prefer Windows 7 and 15 inch screen. Would be nice to have SSD, but I'm also fine just with the HDD. What to look for ? Toshiba ? Dell ?
  7. caro

    How do you intend to play GT5?

    There`s a poll like that on gtplanet. Me: DS3/Sixaxis on a non-HDTV. :rolleyes:
  8. caro


    I need a new touch screen phone, but I have no idea which one one to choose. I don`t want Windows Mobile, I can`t afford Iphones and HTC`s. Any suggestions for a solid, mid-priced Android phone ? Or maybe Bada Os (Samsung Wave) ?
  9. caro

    Nice surprise

    Not a big deal in the US, even in Poland you can see some. But in my place it`s really hard to spot one. Basic LS2, but still great.
  10. caro

    Nip/Tuck ?

    I love Nip/Tuck. But sometimes I feel like I`m the only one who watched it here. Lost, PB, even Dexter are well known here, but NT is not. Was it the same in the US ?
  11. caro

    GT Legends

    I searched this board and didn`t find any thread about this game. Have you ever played it ? I bought it today <I know, it`s old>.
  12. caro

    Looking for a movie

    Yes, it is not a warez board etc, but I`m looking for a movie which is ultra-rare and hard to find. It is called: Uomini si nasce poliziotti si muore AKA Live like a cop, die like a man. I can`t find single working link on the web. Can you help me ?
  13. caro

    My car - one of Clarkson`s least favourites

    Yes, it is FSO Polonez. 1,6 engine. Clarkson wrecked 2 of those in Apocalypse Clarkson, and then, he wrecked Polonez Truck in the episode where he and James were looking for best communist car.
  14. caro

    Cheap DSLR vs. expensive compact

    Ok, you probably have discussed this issue earlier. I need new camera and I don`t know which one will be better. I know the good and bad things about both, I`m not a freak about camera but I want to hear your oppinion.
  15. caro

    Best LCD screen size

    I`m looking for a new LCD screen for my computer but I son`t know which one will be best: 22 or 24 inch. I thought 22 is best and 24 is too big, but now I don`t know. Can you tell me your oppinions ?
  16. caro

    Will there be...

    What do you think, will Top Gear make a special ep celebrating 30 years of the show ?
  17. caro

    Corvette on TG ?