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  1. wooflepoof

    Happy 8th WoofleYear Day everyone!

    Wooo! It's that time of year again! :beer::wub::dance::dance::coplight::lmao::cheers::cheers::beer:<3:mrgreen: 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007
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    Happy WoofleYear Day!

    Happy 67th Annual woofleyear day! I'll adornish this page later :D
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    Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator 2.0: LFS for the Trekkie; Now for Android/iOS!

    If you haven't heard of it (apparently most people havent) Artemis is (from the website): Main Screen Observe Server Client BATTLE STATIONS: Helm To be an effective Helm Officer you must have quick reaction time and exceptional spatial visualization skills. In combat, you must...
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    Interiors and Design

    Post your favorite examples of awesome interiors from cars, boats, houses, etc. Some awesome libraries: link
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    Discussion of MOOC (Massively Open Online Courseware) Like EDx, Khan University, Floating point University, and the other various open courseware projects offered by universities and institutions around the globe. from wikipedia I just passed my Stat 2.2x exam from Edx with finals in Intro...
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    Happy Woofleyear day!

    Happy Sixth Annual Woofleyear Day! In case you're new or just forgot: 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Party!
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    Sous Vide

    WTF is Sous Vide? From Wikipedia My New Setup: Compressed Melons: (watermelon, cantaloupe, and...the other melon packed under full vacuum. Makes them translucent and the texture more dense and meaty) My First Experiment (With Chicken) Step 1: Brine Pic to come Step 2: Pack and...
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    Pseudoscience Thread

    We have a science thread, how about a pseudoscience thread? Post/Discuss/Be disgusted by Articles, news, images, and anecdotes of pseudoscientific woo! Here are a few examples to get the ball rolling...
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    A Skeptoid Article/Podcast on the Vinyl vs Digital debate

    An Interesting article "Are Vinyl Recordings Better than Digital?" Source
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    Finalgear: How do You Shave?

    So here's my story, I have something like pseudofoliculitis barbae (ingrown hairs) that manifest themselves as what looks like permanent razor burn. It affects a fair few black individuals but unofortunately with my fairer skin it looks red and horrible. I've been in a position where i've had to...
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    My Next Big Idea!

    I've decided to talk about discussing the start of a brainstorm of a project that once implemented, will change the way we [something]. As far as difficulty, i'd say it lies somewhere between my idea to break a triple world record for the first and largest mechanical wristwatch made entirely out...
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    "Goodbye, First Amendment: ?Trespass Bill? will make protest illegal" Discuss
  13. wooflepoof

    Greatest V8s ever?

    What are some? Let's discuss, then get a poll for the top 10 or 20. And I'm not just talking about noise, but innovation, uniqueness, the x factor, noise, all of it. P.S. sry if this has been done, you can't search for" best" or V8
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    FinalGear Bronies

    Lets discuss. What brought you to MLP FiM?
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    Hobby-grade space rocket? How hard can it be?

    I'm guessing its rather difficult to get people and stuff like satellites into space, but what are the physical and engineering boundaries to space-flight? What I'm really trying to say is, whats stopping a group of guys from building a small scale rocket in their garage and getting it into...
  16. wooflepoof

    Physics/astronomy question

    Easy, if you spun a top in a remote part of space, would it spin forever? Also, finally back! ( just graduated basic training)
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    IS250 vs Genesis Sedan , which would you buy (or, which is best?)

    Got someone looking. You know the deal. I think my choice is obvious. Officially the choice is beteween a 2007 IS250 vs a 2010 Genesis Sedan 3.8 w/ Tech Pack
  18. wooflepoof

    My New Genesis Sedan :D

    Well...Here it is. My new 2010 (so...old, technically) Genesis 3.8 Sedan. It was between this, and a 2004 wrx sti we had on the lot. I'm at work right now so You'll have to wait before I post a full review...but I can tell you right now, Its splendid :mrgreen: Better pics up soon!
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    Happy WoofleYear day!

    Its that time of year again :D for those of you who missed it the last couple years: WoofleYear day #1 #2 #3 Let the 4th annual WoofleYear Day celebrations commence!
  20. wooflepoof

    Madoff's Son Is Found Dead in Apparent Suicide - wsj

    source Uh, holy sh*t.