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  1. Thomas93

    New PC Time

    Hello, my PC is 4 years old today, and getting a bit long in the tooth. I have got ?500 for it's replacement. Can be a laptop/desktop/all in one. My main requirement is to be able to play iTunes, whilst photoshopping 4 18 mega pixel RAW images, with tweetdeck and chrome with 4 tabs open and a...
  2. Thomas93

    80's Playlist

    Going to an eighties night, if I began trying to make my own playlist I wouldn't even scratch the surface! Some recommendations for songs please? Thanks :)
  3. Thomas93

    Steve Jobs has left his post as CEO

    Will update shortly. I wonder if it is due to his health?
  4. Thomas93

    Would you buy this?

    Strongly considering this, family are very clued up when it comes to repairs so it should be ok. what do you guys think? Link
  5. Thomas93

    Looking for two ebooks

    Could anybody help me find these two plays as free ebooks? My googling has proved fruitless. The House of Bernada Alba by Frederico Garcia Lorca Three Sisters by Anton Chekov Thanks :)
  6. Thomas93

    Obtaining Wi-Fi Password

    Some quick background on the situation, out school used to provide the 6th form with the wireless code, but we have a new Head who has taken it away without reason. There was some absoloute computer genius in our year who cracked it (it's a WPA). But unfortunately it spread too far, and too many...
  7. Thomas93

    Hotels In Paris

    After a hotel for 3 nights in Paris in the week beginning 11th April, any recommendations? Nothing too fancy, and needs to accept two 17 years olds (myself and a laydeee ;))
  8. Thomas93

    London Lodger

    Evening Brits of FG :) A bit of an odd request but does anybody in the London area have room for a lodger? If you could drop me a PM it would be much obliged, thanks. you know you have been looking a 4chan too much when you almost call everybody britfags!
  9. Thomas93

    UK Benefits

    Evening guys, first up sorry for being vague, not really in the mood for putting this into context. Is anybody in the position to tell me if the UK benefits system (in it's current shape) allows for this? I'm 17 and 5 months and am currently in the position where it would greatly benefit my...
  10. Thomas93

    Focus won't start

    Our 07 Ford Focus 1.8 Diesel won't start, or charge. We've got one of those things that plugs onto the car battery and into the house that can charge it (won't work) or give it enough juice to start the car. On the latter setting it sounds as if it's about to start but just doesn't. The only...
  11. Thomas93

    Bootloader Problem

    I had booted Ubuntu off of a Live USB, and proceeded to install it as a persistent install to another USB, now whenever I try booting off of the persistent install, I get just a black screen and a underscore. After this I shut down, removed all memory sticks and went to boot my 7 HDD, pressed...
  12. Thomas93

    Peculiar 7 problems

    The family's packard bell laptop, which has an official, paid for version of Windows 7 Professional, no funny business here. The problem is the explorer regularly crashes, rendering the task bar useless, clicking close than cancel quickly remedies this until it inexplicitly crashes again...
  13. Thomas93

    So, I bought an iMac (Links to enable high res viewing :)) It was ?10 in a computer shop, thought for that price it was well worth the risk. It came in...
  14. Thomas93

    BP Witch Hunt?

    Does anyone else think the Obama administration and others within the US are trying to pass the blame on the BP oil disaster? Watching Tony Hayward they seemed to be pinning the blame to him- the money man of BP, looking to blame someone within a huge faceless corporation. Aswell as it being...
  15. Thomas93

    Best First Car

    Hello, come September I can drive! :cool: I thought now that I am nearing the end of my exams it is a good time to go car hunting, while i've got the time. Criteria is sub ?2000 including insurance, I can have it safely locked up in an alarmed garage at night, so that should bring down the...
  16. Thomas93

    Web Server From Home

    I am a total noob to servers but was thinking about setting one up to host my photographs and a portfolio like this apart from the cheesey video! From what I understand at the moment I'm going to install CentOS and an Apache Server to the old laptop and hook it up to the internet. Now thats as...
  17. Thomas93

    Don't you just love. . .

    Our society? BBC NEWS
  18. Thomas93

    Phone Unlocking

    So I can do iPhones and Sony Ericssons I can do myself, on the PC for free. But is there anyway to do Nokias? More specifically the 6500slide for free? I've tried those codes but they dont work.
  19. Thomas93

    Vaio Drivers Help

    Been looking on Sony's website, basically its had 7 installed on it due a mega catastrophe involving a virus :p so now the card reader doesn't work and Sony's website doesn't have one? Anybody know where I can find one? Simplest method for installing as possible please as its not for me! It is...
  20. Thomas93

    vista anti spyware 2010

    this is installed on a friends PC, what is the easiest way to remove this as scanning doesnt seem to do the trick! + rep for anyone whpo fixes it.