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  1. Koppel

    Cool Videos

    Estonian candidate for the Eurovision song contest.
  2. Koppel

    Took a picture. Need advice on color correction

    Thanks guys. You guys seem to prefer a really saturated look and the more I look the more I start to like it myself. I think I need to make the hair and skin more saturated, the dress a little less and the walls only a little more than original. Some masking on adjustment layers should do the trick.
  3. Koppel

    Took a picture. Need advice on color correction

    I like the first one a bit more. Did you pull the whites and blacks in a bit and used hue and saturation to boost the saturation? drewzor, can you describe the second method. I think it is a bit too much but would like to learn about the technique. Thank you!
  4. Koppel

    Took a picture. Need advice on color correction

    Hi, I took this picture yesterday and need advice on color correction. Nothing over the top but something that is not straight from camera. I'm thinking just a curves adjustment in Photoshop that you can share. Can you guys help?
  5. Koppel

    The Funny Maths Thread.. which sometimes contains mildly amusing pictures

    I still don't get it. A guy talks about how he got caught siffing a chair in the gym and then suddenly starts to rap about the Prince of Bel-Air... WTF?
  6. Koppel

    The Funny Maths Thread.. which sometimes contains mildly amusing pictures

    Its a funny story but I don't understand the Bell-Air part in the end... whats up with that?
  7. Koppel

    The Funny Maths Thread.. which sometimes contains mildly amusing pictures

    To my knowledge Jesus was nailed to a cross. Jesus is the son of God. Jesus is not God. Or is this different in different beliefs?
  8. Koppel

    Fuel prices in your country

    Don't let this thread tie... ESTONIA: 95 - 1,12 EUR/litre 98 - 1,15 EUR/litre D - 1,09 EUR/litre
  9. Koppel

    Logitech G27

    The presenters are ridiculous. A old bald guy who newer grew up and a fat chick who thinks she's hot. I just cant get past this and concentrate on the wheel itself. I would prefer the G25. The difference is barely noticeable and the G25 just looks better. Shift lights, why?
  10. Koppel

    Best free backup software for windows

    microsofts own freeware little program "SyncToy". Syncs one folder to another.
  11. Koppel

    Favorite Simpsons Character

    Moe for me
  12. Koppel

    [15x08] February 23rd, 2009

    What's that song from 36:42 - 37:26, the beginning of the airplane racing?
  13. Koppel

    Do you believe in Global Warming/Climate Change

    Real scientists don't have the same opinion if there even is a global warming. Connection between global temperatures and CO2 levels have not been proven scientifically. According to wikipedia CO2 content in atmosphere is 0,036% to 0,039% From that tiny percentage SOME is due to human activity...
  14. Koppel

    HD codec question

    Installing CoreAVC should do the trick. It's the fastest AVC/H.264 decoder.
  15. Koppel

    hypothetical Q: if climate change is real but not man-made, should we fight it?

    We could also try to change the temperature of the sun. That would have an impact on earths temperature. I think trying to change the temperature of the earth is a bit too much for us tiny people. I think the planet can do just fine with or without us on it. Global warming propaganda is a great...
  16. Koppel

    The Stig: Bad idea using The Stig to test cars ?

    The whole idea of the Stig is brilliant. If it was not a mystery man everyone could doubt the times and think that someone else might be even faster. Because of Stig the list of laptimes is as accurate as it gets. Every car at its absolute best. Stig eliminates the difference of drivers and that...
  17. Koppel

    Top Gear Russia

    Yes Please!
  18. Koppel

    [01x03] October 13th, 2008

    The most annoying part for me is that the presenters are over exited about their challenge results. You get a car from a scrapyard and you celebrate winning a stupid challenge like it's the biggest accomplishment of you're life? It's just not realistic, unless they are retarded. It's the same...
  19. Koppel

    Another school shooting in Finland

    Don't blame the guns! Its dealing with the consequence not the problem itself. The problem is that there are guys who are cut away from society, they hate other members of it and find friends with similar views from the internet. The hate deepens until they snap and commit these crimes. Making...