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  1. Leppy

    Heading off... this place has been good....

    Guys and Gals, I'm thinking I need a self induced vacation from the site. After a hard look at the amount of time I spend here, I think it could be spent in a more productive area. So I think I'll head off into the sunset that the other people call the real world and concentrate on that...
  2. Leppy

    Useless Time Wasting Websites

    Ok so I looked through the first 3 pages of threads and couldn't find the previous thread we had on this subject and I thought it should be resurrected so here goes. Everyone post websites that you have found while wasting inordinate amounts of time when you should be doing other things that...
  3. Leppy

    Monaro to be killed off.....,10117,16052704-421,00.html Well isn't this a sad day. Well I guess this new "heavyweight sportscar" better not be too similar to the corvette or else noone will buy it.
  4. Leppy

    Stupid Things for sale on EBay

    Ok so I just came across this and realised we, humans, are fucking stupid.
  5. Leppy

    Man I missed out on Vicki. Dam why didn't I see this in time.
  6. Leppy

    People must be keen to get something.

    Just noticing the later and later it gets today, the more and more people are here. 176 online at once. Something must be coming out today but I can't for the life of me figure out what it is.
  7. Leppy

    External Hardrive Help

    Guys just looking for a bit of help with buying an external hard drive to back shit up on. I was just after personal experiances on what brands were good or whether they are worth the effort at all. Thanks.
  8. Leppy

    Star Wars Ep 3

    Went and saw the opening of it last night at midnight. Was pretty dissappointed with it. Anyone else seen it?? Not gonna say too much about it cause I can here people already saying OMG WHERE WAS THE SPOILER WARNING AHHHHHH!!!!
  9. Leppy

    Avatar (Namely mine)

    After many many PMs asking where my avatar has come from I thought I'd post a thread to tell everyone (too lazy to reply to all the dam pm's haha) Its a movie called Sex is Zero. Its like a Korean American Pie. SEX IS ZERO!!! STOP PM'ING ME!!!
  10. Leppy

    State Saloon Car Championship

    Thought I would post some pictures of my mate competing in our State Saloon Car Championship. In his first season he is a close 2nd in the Championship and would be winning if he didn't have a spin in a recent race. Enjoy.
  11. Leppy

    Pontiac GTO

    Hey guys, Got bored at uni during a tutorial and notice photoshop was on the computers so instead of listening I had a play around for 20 minutes and this is what I came up with. Original. And here's the chop. I noticed a few things I hadn't fixed up like the bottom of the rear wheel (and...
  12. Leppy

    What the hell happened to this????

    I was just watching a stone age Top Gear (Dec 1, 2002) and they put the Lotus Elise around the track... They have during the whole lap the time, a G meter, a speedometer and a map to show where the stig is on the track at that moment... I'm sorry but why aren't they doing this anymore?? Who told...
  13. Leppy

    Any Australians on these boards?

    Probably only needed to post this thread once... Everyone here looks in both halves of the board... (even though most of us like the other half better haha :P )
  14. Leppy

    Any Australians on these boards?

    Yeah mate... where in australia are you located??