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    What car is this?

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    How to choose a new car battery?

    I need one for 2000 BMW 5 Series. I've looked around and not really sure how to figure out which is compatible and which is not. I understand I need at least 70Ah and physical dimensions must be the same as original. Apart from there 2 criteria, what else is there to consider? I see many out...
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    2010 Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix - Monza

    Circuit Name: Autodromo di Monza Number of Laps: 53 Circuit Length: 5.793 km Race Distance: 306.720 km Lap Record: 1:21.046 - R Barrichello (2004) Questions: 1. Pole and race winner? 2. Who will lead the constructors championship? 3. Will Vettel crash again? 4. Kubica or Rosberg, who will...
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    Which current driver do you support?

    Same as team poll...
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    Which team do you support?

    Which team do you support the most?
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    C&C 3 Online

    Anyone wants to play?
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    Zoostorm 53-7701

    I got this laptop this week and I didn't really like the vista which this laptop came with. So I installed XP and all was fine until I tried installing drivers for the Wireless. Drivers supplied were for vista only so I checked this drivers and there were 2 on a CD: Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG...
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    Which Limo?

    Which limo would you be transported in if you were forces to pick 1?
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    What eats my CPu?

    I know something eats my CPU, me mouse pointer doesnt even go smooth anymore. It start few minutes after I boot Windows. How do I find out what it is?
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    Power Tool Drag Racing

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    Help with PostgreSQL constraint

    I need to restict adding more than 4 rows to the table. I tried this but it doesnt work: CREATE VIEW count_rows AS SELECT COUNT(*) as yy FROM t6; ALTER TABLE t6 ADD CONSTRAINT max_4_rows check(4<count_rows.yy); please help...
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    Silent HDD

    is there anything on the market for reasonable price? 5GB flash drives would be nice...
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    How much torque trains produce. I mean the ones that carry people or transport coal and such. Also what is their power source?
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    Lamborghini Wallpaper

    does anybody know where to get widescreen wallpaper of this:
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    Few days ago my Roku Soundbridge died, it turns out its adapter thats gone. Its 9V 1.3A. I have few adapters that I kept when devices failed and I found 1 with 9V and 300mA and 9V with 1A. I was thinking if I connect them together and then to Soundbrigde, will soundbridge get 9V 1.3A or 18v...
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    Do every 5 seconds ;)

    <?php reset($imena); foreach ($imena as $imja) { echo "something to do here"; } ?> Simple code to work with here, nothing hard for most of you but Im stuck. I need (echo "something to do here";) to execute every 5 seconds. I have tried sleep(5); I also tried setting a timer but all these...
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    How fan speed sensor works?

    I know most fans have 3 wires, red black nad yellow. Red and black are used to power it, and yellow for monitoring. What I want to know is what is sent through this yellow wire? small voltage or what? how is it generated in the fan? Google is too big for this question :(
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    PSU noise

    I got quite annoyed today with noise of my computer. Recently I upgraded CPU cooler and Graphics card's cooler, now these 2 are silent. I removed every fan from the case, tested them from 3v to 12v. All were pretty quite if not silent. Then I removed PSU. It has 2 80mm fans: front and back. I...
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    3ds Max 8

    Whats the best thing to learn 3ds Max 8 from? got to be free ;) or maybe you know where to download appropriate e-book? thanx
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    Lost returns 4 Oct 2006

    This will be the thread for season 3 discussion