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  1. vikiradTG2007

    Doctor Who

    Wasn't it a "free gift" regeneration cycle?
  2. vikiradTG2007

    Adrian Newey working on Aston Martin - Red Bull road car

    1. Looks like huge underbody tunnels for downforce, so the ground clearance is deceptive. 2. Cockpit looks bigger than a LMP1 car's tub, and a LMP1 car can carry two people at a squeeze with some adaptations.
  3. vikiradTG2007

    Le Mans 24h 2016

    Rumour mill is in full flow about Porsche having been granted a waiver to "flip" the whole engine/transmission ensemble from the street 911. Radio Le Mans have talked extensively about it on air without actually mentioning it. :lol:
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    The Android thread

    Anyone going to Google I/O this year?
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    2016 Formula 1 Season Thread

    It's been done already. 2003-2005 (with the exception of the 2-lap aggregate in the first 4 races of 2005). Complaints about that brought about the original 3-part knockout system in 2006.
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    2016 Australian Grand Prix

    No, this is what happens when F1 pays attention to conflicting self-serving factions within itself that compete to write the stupidest rules possible. Because this wasn't an "eco-fascists" idea, it was from the Strategy Group aka Bernie and the teams. EDIT: FYI, Hamilton's pole time was faster...
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    The Aviation Thread [Contains Lots of Awesome Pictures]

    Can attest to that, even on takeoff it seemed to me like the ventilation/pressurization system was making more noise than the engines on the A380 (upstairs, mind you). 777 is a loud bastard. You can tell there's a lot more soundproofing on the 380 by the space between the inner and middle pane...
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    The Aviation Thread [Contains Lots of Awesome Pictures]

    Adjusting passengers' eyes to low light in the event of an evacuation? Most likely so that the lights guiding pax to the exit row are more clearly visible instantly?
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    The Aviation Thread [Contains Lots of Awesome Pictures]

    I always thought it was in order to ensure better visibility for rescue crews on the outside of the plane in the event of an emergency? On a sidenote, leg 2 of the return flight from Australia (Hong Kong-Heathrow) was on BA's newest A380. Plane delivered to the airline literally 2 weeks prior...
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    Movie: Deadpool

    This is looking better and better by the day. If the movie is in the same spirit as this campaign, it'll be absolutely perfect and so true to the character.
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    Doctor Who

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    Doctor Who

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    Random Thoughts... [Entertainment Edition]

    Sigur R?s coming to Romania next year. Not just that, to a festival about 20 km away from where I live. :D
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    Random Thoughts... (Motorsports Edition)

    As someone with a computer science background and a tiny bit of experience with AI subjects... I am being serious when I say this: I believe it's a GREAT idea. :D
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    Richard Porter looks back on Top Gear

    Non-disclosure agreements? Collins might have had to sign a large amount of NDAs when hired as the Stig, and trying to publish a book while still working as the Stig would have violated all of them and constituted major breaches of contract. Porter no longer works for Top Gear or the BBC as far...
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    Richard Porter looks back on Top Gear

    I think FG is actually given a few mentions in the book (in everything except the name).
  17. vikiradTG2007

    Richard Porter looks back on Top Gear

    Depends probably on the memory of whoever Porter asked at Jaguar about the fate of the car I reckon.
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    Gear Knobs

    Portuguese branding on the truck at the back, big honking grandstand, it's Portimao down in southern Portugal.
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    Doctor Who

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    The Android thread

    Software dev, what else? :D It's gonna have Marshmallow on it straight off the bat, so it'll be good for catching stuff lurking to bite us in the new Android API updates.