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  1. thomas

    Ownership Verified: I made "Someone Else's Problem" my own - 2006 VW Eos

    So.. where do I start? Problabay with the question most people will have on their mind first: Why!?? Long story short, there is 2 parts to it: - cheap - Kelly wants a convertible So what exactly did I buy, and why "Someone Else's Problem"? Well... - 2006 VW Eos 2.0 FSI - The roof doesn't...
  2. thomas

    Ringmeet 2020 - A clear case of Carownervirus!

    Something something same shit different year? :mrgreen: Ringmeet 2020 will be held on the second weekend of August when the Oldtimer Grand Prix is happening. That'd be 6th to 10th August 2019, the core being Friday-Sunday 7th-9th. Ringmeet 2019: Aug 6-10th Location, as always: Camping Viktoria...
  3. thomas

    The donation program is back!

    Dear fellow Finalgear users! As most of you are probably aware, the donation program was started by Alex / Viper a little over a year ago was later disabled due to the lack of access and the uncertain circumstances. And the whole deal came back to "haunt us" just a few weeks ago, when some of...
  4. thomas

    Ringmeet 2019 - Taking in US refugees!

    As every year at this point, we or I don't even ask anymore, and Ringmeet 2019 will be held on the second weekend of August when the Oldtimer Grand Prix is happening. That'd be 8th to 12th August 2019, the core being Friday-Sunday 9th-11th. Ringmeet 2019: Aug 8-12 Location, as always: Camping...
  5. thomas

    XenForo beta feedback

    As per Vipers wish, here's a feedback thread for the Beta board: Right now my primary issue is, that anything I post ends up in a moderation queue.
  6. thomas

    Mercedes Benz E Wagon All-Terrain 4x4? - fuck SUVs!

    I hate the current SUV craze, but I love me some proper off-roader, or a great wagon. And apparently someone at MB has looked too much at the AMC Eagle and decided to make it newer and better! :D. So I present you, the Mercedes E-Class All-Terrain 4x4 Squared. It's the plastic-cladded E-Wagon...
  7. thomas

    2 years have passed - NEW PHONE TIME! Shit.. so many options.. or are there?

    With my current phone contract ending in 2 month, I am looking for a new one currently and thus also for a new device. I am very much irritated by the trend of backside fingerprint scanners, and after playing with some in store, basically everything with that feature, is out. Currently the...
  8. thomas

    FG folks along the Gulf (between TX and FL)?

    Since I will be making a little drive from Texas over to Floriderp, I was wondering if anyone happens to live somewhere along the route that I am not aware of. I am thinking of a 2-stint-trip with a potential stop being New Orleans, either just for a night or maybe two and briefly explore the...
  9. thomas

    Ownership Verified: My sub-compact ecobox rental-replacement on a budget - 94 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham

    So.. as many of you know by now, I am basically a frequent traveller to the US of A, or the Kingdom ot Texas for the most part. So after a few years of sinking money into rentals, I decided to fuck that shit and just bought something. This happened with the help (and obviously approval) of the...
  10. thomas

    Ownership Verified: My inevitable E39. I ///M not saying anything without my lawyer!

    Well, the 1-series will leave me in 2 month or earlier and a replacement has been found. And due to a wide variety of circumstances and personal preferrence, I ended up getting what I ever since being a teenager consider the best looking sedan BMW ever built - the E39. I had been eyeing the...
  11. thomas

    Help me take off my BMW glasses!

    Long story short: This is more or less a "what car to get?" thread. With my lease ending in 4 month, I am of course starting to look into what to get next. Me being me and having driven BMWs since I got my license, I am finding myself in a situation where I seem to be unable to just see myself...
  12. thomas

    TV: Marvel's Agent Carter

    As it started today, I figured I might as well get a thread up for it, as I couldn't find one. - - - Updated - - - Oh yeah, and my first impressions: - it feels like E01 and E02 could easily have been 1 episode only - and while it was ok overall and I will keep watching for now, for a...
  13. thomas

    USB Stick recognized as 2 drives - how to undo?

    Hey there! A coworker handed me a USB stick in order to turn it into a copy of the default test-stick around here. I then noticed that it seems to have two partitions.. but not just partitions.. its effectively recognized as two devices with each half the capacity. Its listed twice in the w7...
  14. thomas

    Slovenian Minimeet Nov/Dec 2014

    Well, as I was told to do so, I am turning my intended visit into a minimeet-thread! :) As I intend to use one of my upcoming weekends during my off-site work-assignment which includes a company beater to finally visit the slovenians, plans shall be made! It turns out that Beni could join from...
  15. thomas

    TV: Constantine (2014 TV show)

    Hey folks! On my search for new stuff, I just stumbled over this one.. At a first glance this might be interesting.. I'll probably give it a try. Trailer:
  16. thomas

    Ownership Verified: My "RRRAPDC" - Ringmeet-rental-replacement-and-parts-donor-car!

    Upon request by several people at ringmeet, I will make a thread for my latest purchase, although it will be gone soon anyway. Then again, that doesn't really differ from publics posts, just that I know it'll be gone soon ;). So.. with Ringmeet 2014 approaching and the list of things I will...
  17. thomas

    Dualscreen vs. different resolutions/ratios

    Morning folks! I got a little issue with my setup here at work and while I keep forgetting to do an extensive search at home, I don't really have the hours to sink into it here at work. And internal IT is just useless anyway. The issue: - I got 2 screens on my PC with different native...
  18. thomas

    Unveiled: 2015 Smart ForTwo & ForFour

    AKA the hideous Twingo...
  19. thomas

    BMW recalls all MY 2000 to 2006 3-series E46 precautionary

    BMW announced today that it has informed the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) of the company?s intent to voluntarily recall all model year 2000 ? 2006 BMW 3 Series vehicles, produced between May 1999 and August 2006, to replace the passenger-side front airbag as part of a...
  20. thomas

    TV: The Flash (2014)

    Because it came up in the Arrow-Thread (where the main character appeared), here is the Thread for CW's new TV Show, The Flash, which is supposed to start this fall! :) First Look "Trailer": Extended Trailer: