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  1. Topgearfanatic

    FinalGear's Favorite Car, Reborn: The 2016 Mazda MX5
  2. Topgearfanatic

    Big Ass Car Show @ Endicott Estate

    This is only a fraction of the cars there. A beautiful day as always.
  3. Topgearfanatic

    Das German Cars @ Larz Anderson

    A beautiful day out at Larz Anderson as usual.
  4. Topgearfanatic

    Mining Techniques

    Minecraft is great for mining, duh, so what's everyone's favorite way of mining? I personally like branch mining, it has it's drawbacks but otherwise it's pretty good.
  5. Topgearfanatic

    What's Your Favorite Sick food?

    We all get sick and when we do we all have those favorite things to eat. Little snacks that make you feel better. I really can't go about getting to feel better without Edy's Fruit Bars. My favorites being strawberry, lemon, and lime. What about you?
  6. Topgearfanatic

    My Gran Turismo Tracks

    One of the best features of the game and not a single thread for tracks yet? This thread is for advertising your favorite tracks and leting people know what you're sharing. My shared track currently: Because I plan on sharing a lot of tracks I've created another account to keep congestion of...
  7. Topgearfanatic

    Tutto Italiano @ Larz Anderson

    A beautiful day with beautiful cars. Don't ask about the non-Italian cars, I genuinely don't know why they were there. Enjoy!
  8. Topgearfanatic

    Honey I shrunk the car @ Larz Anderson

    Not too bad of a turn out, it probably seemed empty-ish because of the size of the cars. The weather was iffy, as soon as we left and got into the car it bucketed it down. But there was a Trabant!!!! :cool: Enjoy!
  9. Topgearfanatic

    No 56k: Deutsch Tag am Auto Larz Anderson (German car day at Larz Anderson)

    What a beautiful day, there were a ton of cars but alas my camera battery couldn't handle it. A wonderful treat for all the fathers there, including my own. Enjoy!
  10. Topgearfanatic

    No 56k: British Cars in British Weather at Lars Anderson

    Not such a beautiful day but some beautiful cars.
  11. Topgearfanatic

    No 56k: Cadillac, Cadillac, Cadillac Style (among other things) at Larz Anderson

    Beautiful day with some beautiful American metal, what a time!
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    Your favorite car pranks

    Taking inspiration from this article, what are your favorite car pranks as well as any car pranks you have done. I'll poll my father and include his stories. The only one that I can remember is one that my cousin did to someone, he and his friends wrapped someones car in cling wrap in karmic...
  13. Topgearfanatic

    The past decade of your life in retrospect

    Let it out: the good, the bad, the great, what you could have done, and what you shouldn't have. Just your life and what has happened to you in the past ten years. I'll weigh in when I have enough time to type it all out.
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    The great Walter Cronkite is dead at 92 May he rest in peace.
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    No 56k: Greenwich Concours d'Elegance Pictures

    Well here the pictures of the cars featured in the Greenwich Concours d'Elegance Enjoy
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    Random Thoughts (Top gear Edition)

    It's been mentioned and I've been wondering so, why not! Post your random TG related thoughts here!
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    Failwatch 09: Man sues hotel after getting drunk and then falling down the stairs The world is just falling apart. Sorry but I can't just quote one part, it is ridiculously full of epic failness!