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  1. vikiradTG2007

    Australian meet-up in early February next year?

    Hello everyone. :) Well, I haven't been frequenting the forum as much as I used to, but I still check in every now and again and I see meet-ups being organized. Well, next year I shall be visiting the land of down under for around 3 weeks (Feb 1-20) and flying around the place, so I was...
  2. vikiradTG2007

    Ross Brawn announces retirement from F1

    Since we're talking about one of the people who's defined the last 20 years of Formula 1, I believe this warrants its own thread.
  3. vikiradTG2007

    Meet-up at the 2014 24 Hours of Le Mans?

    As the title says. I'll be going to Le Mans for the second time next year, admittedly most likely with members from another forum, but I will be staying for the whole of race week, arriving on the first day of scrutineering and leaving on the evening after the race, so I suspect there should be...
  4. vikiradTG2007

    Testing testing 1 2 3 bla bla bla

  5. vikiradTG2007

    [18x07] March 11th, 2012

    Radio Times Oh no no no no no no no... not dull-as-dishwater Kimi! I think they'll be spending 90% of the time trying to understand what he's mumbling there. Okay, I'm being unfair. :lol: And as for motorsport challenges, the cruel side of me would want the three to do the Nurburgring 24h one...
  6. vikiradTG2007

    2012 FIA WEC/ALMS/ELMS/BES Thread

    A bit of shock and horror from yesterday and a lot of announcements good and bad, first spyshots of Toyota's new car, Peugeot announcing that they'll be pulling out of endurance racing effective immediately, Pescarolo finally breaking the silence and announcing a programme for 2012, the...
  7. vikiradTG2007

    First PSN, now Codemasters... And the letter: Alarming. (For the record, no, I haven't got an account there)
  8. vikiradTG2007

    2011 24 Heures du Mans - 79th Grand Prix d'Endurance, June 11-12 - Race Week Thread

    Right, two weeks until Le Mans and one week until official scrutineering starts in the Place des Jacobins in the center of Le Mans. The big event of the year in endurance racing is almost upon us, so... this thread should be for everything related to Le Mans itself now. Entry list...
  9. vikiradTG2007

    2011 Formula 1 Season Thread

    General chit-chat related to the 2011 season, not related to the current race weekend or technical developments, goes here. :) Since the first race thread is up, this one ought to be up as well.
  10. vikiradTG2007

    FG Wacky Race - Winter Edition - RACE THREAD

    Okay folks, race time is almost around... remember, this is a winter event, so take that into account. The start is somewhere in the depths of a frozen and snow-capped Europe, there's nothing but snow and ice around for miles, it's snowing heavily and the wind is blowing mightily over the...
  11. vikiradTG2007

    FinalGear Wacky Races - The Race for the Quest for the Winter Cup for the Thing

    It's that time again, folks... which number is it again? Never mind, there's a new FinalGear Wacky Race looming on the horizon! Dust off your old warhorses, or get yourselves a new and improved racer, gather your teams around yourselves, fit those studded tires and all the wintery upgrades you...
  12. vikiradTG2007

    Official 2011 Formula 1 Pre-Season Thread

    Since the end of the season is upon us, and the first "winter" testing starts on the week after this weekend's Abu Dhabi GP, I figured we should start the pre-season chat properly for 2011 in a new thread. So... winter testing starts with 4 days of running next week. First two days will be...
  13. vikiradTG2007

    2011 Endurance Racing Thread

    Even though we have one last major race this season, I figured that a spy shot published on today is the perfect occasion to start talking about 2011. Peugeot have started testing at least part of the 2011 package, as we can see below... not sure whether it is the 90X in full...
  14. vikiradTG2007

    2010 Formula 1 Korean Grand Prix

    I figured that this would be a good time to make the thread, since this piece of news got posted on Autosport this morning: So... Track length: 5.621 km Race distance: 55 laps Lap record: NEW TRACK Last winner: NEW TRACK And the regular...
  15. vikiradTG2007

    And the 13th team in 2011 is...

    ...? No idea at this very moment, but according to various sources on Twitter the decision should come out later today. I'll leave this here as a discussion thread about the team's build-up to the 2011 season once the announcement is made official.
  16. vikiradTG2007

    Partition formatting/merging

    I have to do a system cleanup and reinstall today, and that also involves installing a fresh copy of Windows 7 instead of the old XP (it's a student license version, me being a Computer Science student), and I have one minor problem: the HDD on which I want to install Windows 7 is split in 3...
  17. vikiradTG2007

    2010 Tour de France So it all starts in Rotterdam on Sunday. 100 years of the Pyrenees being included in the event, celebration is a double dose of torture for the riders in the form of two separate stages including an ascent of the Tourmalet. 13 km of...
  18. vikiradTG2007

    Rule changes and developments for the 2011 season - Discussion thread

    First of all: Pirelli confirmed as sole tire supplier for three years. Apparently they are open for a tire war after this period, let's see what the FIA has to say in about three years... F-duct and adjustable front wings are gone, adjustable rear wings are in, with several detailed brillant...
  19. vikiradTG2007

    2010 24 Hours of Le Mans - Race Week Thread

    Due to the scale of the event, it's probably better to separate the Le Mans discussion into another thread. So, ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, we are into race week for the 78th running of the greatest race in the world! Warning: Image overload incoming... Videos and...
  20. vikiradTG2007

    2010 Qantas Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix

    March 26th - 28th, and F1 is heading for its annual trip Down Under. The Australian GP is upon us, which for the hardcore fans in Europe can mean one thing: the "pleasant" sensation of waking up in the dead of night for what was normally supposed to be an exciting opening to the season. This...