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  1. Koppel

    Took a picture. Need advice on color correction

    Hi, I took this picture yesterday and need advice on color correction. Nothing over the top but something that is not straight from camera. I'm thinking just a curves adjustment in Photoshop that you can share. Can you guys help?
  2. Koppel

    Automatic Transmission and quick off-the-line

    My friend tells me that trying to get a fast start in a car with an automatic transmission can damage the car. The idea is to hold down the brake pedal, rev the engine quite high and then suddenly release the brake, right? As you would release the clutch in a manual. (I don't have much...
  3. Koppel

    Jokes for the BMW M3 like the Chuck Norris ones

    Can any of you come up with good jokes about how great the BMW M3 is (you an probably apply these later to any kind of car) just as was done with Chuck Norris.
  4. Koppel

    How to get the best launch?

    Yesterday I practiced some starts and was wondering what is the best way to do this? According to physics the best acceleration occurs when the wheels are just about to spin. I revved the engine up to 4500rpm, disengaged the clutch instantaneously and floored the throttle. On different surfaces...