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    My '05 Honda Jazz VTi-S

    So, I?ve had this car for just over two years and decided to make the most of the fact I spent a couple of hours giving it a good clean this morning to finally make a thread for it. Anyway, thanks to my legendarily crappy camera, and no photography skills to speak of here is my little...
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    Volvo Cross Country

    I originally posted this in the 'Random Thoughts: Automotive Edition' thread, but to save cluttering that one up I decided to give this it's own thread. Okay, so I got home my trip to see my father has traded in his Saab 9000 for a Volvo X Country. I only got the briefest of glimpses of it when...
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    The Post Your Pets Thread

    I haven't found a thread like this around yet. Anyway let's see your pets! Tell us a bit about them, and, of course, post your pics. This is Silas (top) and Hilda (bottom). They're your run of the mill moggy tabby cats, though Hilda in particular has some ginger colouring on her too. We adopted...
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    The Official 'What should Zesty Buy?' Thread

    So, I think I've just about convinced the parentals (mum may need more convincing yet) that I'm financially ready to buy my first car, and I've narrowed it down to three. They are all manuals - similar price, similar year. All are on the same dealer lot - a reputable one that others have...
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    Stupid crap you've done in cars...

    Title says it all really, what's some of the stupidest things you've done while driving, they don't have to have led to accidents but near-accidents will do. I mentioned in the speedbump thread that I managed to break the engine mount on my mother's car by completely missing the existence of a...