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  1. RaphEmer

    Richard at San Diego Comic Con?

    A friend of mine, who was at SDCC this past month, mentioned that she'd met Richard and another "TV Host from England" outside of the convention. They (Richard and the other host) weren't actually attending, they were there to interview some people. She didn't realize that it was Richard until...
  2. RaphEmer

    Stephen Fry is NOT James May!

    Didn't see where this had been posted yet. Not quite sure how people confuse them, but... :P
  3. RaphEmer

    Converting files for iPod/iTunes

    I've tried searching for this on the forum and couldn't find anything, so apologies if it's here and I just missed it... I've been having an issue with Real Player converting video files for iTunes/iPods. Sometimes, the files, such as the one below, become audio only files (MP4s, I think) when...