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  1. spicysaurus


    Inspired by Brother Michael, this is a thread to discuss philosophy, ideas about the world, any kind of eureka moments you may have. Since philosophy is often closely tied to religion, religious topics may be brought up, but absolutely no evangelizing allowed! Discuss but do not attempt to...
  2. spicysaurus

    Oh halp!

    Right, I'm pretty useless with this sort of thing. Maybe one of you technologically-minded folks knows a solution? I have a video on my camera that I can't get onto a computer. Normally I import photos and video to iPhoto, just following the prompts. When I was doing that with this video...
  3. spicysaurus

    Apparently black holes are racist.

    There's really not much to say other than WTF. And lulz. :lol:
  4. spicysaurus

    Finally, I have a good car! Meet my 07 MX5

    Picked this up yesterday but the paperwork wasn't completed until today. It's the first worthwhile car I've owned. :D More pics to follow once I get better scenery.
  5. spicysaurus

    Knocking sound from tire

    I'm sure we'll know what's going on tomorrow, but I hate to send the hubby to the shop with no info. He got his tires rotated yesterday, and today one of them is making a knocking sound at certain angles when he drives. We've looked at it and there's nothing immediately visible: not flat/low...
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    Fable 3

    So it looks like the first teasers for Fable 3 will be coming out at X10 this month. Game release possible this year? Here's a bit of a trailer for it, kind of old. If it's as good as the second game, I'll be up for it.
  7. spicysaurus

    Mass Effect 2

    Pre-orders for ME2 now available. I seriously might have to take time off work for this game. I played the first one through at least 6 times. Probably more. The sequel looks even better, with much better combat and awesome weapons. And apparently your choices in the first game affect the...
  8. spicysaurus

    Help! I have no gauges!

    Okay, even though I'm a huge fan of Top Gear, I am in no way a petrolhead, and I don't really know anything about repair. So today I lost all of my gauges all of a sudden. No tach, no speedometer, no fuel or engine temp. Is this something pretty easy I can troubleshoot and fix myself (with a...
  9. spicysaurus

    Anybody planning on watching the Leonid shower tonight?

    I was thinking of it, but it happens at 3 AM where I am. Dunno if I'm that committed to space debris.
  10. spicysaurus

    Would You Rather?

    I'm sure some of you have played this one before. You MUST give a reason for your answer choice. So, starting off: would you rather -Eat your own poo -Drink someone else's spit
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    Anybody else watch UFC? I don't make a habit of it but hubby and I stumbled across the Ft. Bragg fights tonight and they were fantastic. Nothing but entertainment, including a brutal KO in the last fight when Koscheck took down Yoshida. Man I love watching people beat the shit out of each other.
  12. spicysaurus

    Cake Question

    I was reading a Wikipedia article about red velvet cake, and it raised 2 questions for me. It says that red velvet cake and groom's cakes are Southern traditions in the US. Do you guys outside of the states below the Mason-Dixon line lack groom's cakes and red velvet? Cuz if you do, man, I'm...
  13. spicysaurus

    Do you have any tattoos?

    Just curious about the inked crowd here. Feel free to post photos of yours if you like. Or share the story behind it!
  14. spicysaurus

    Why is my sig photo enormous?

    Sorry if there's a thread on this, I searched and searched and didn't see anything. Today I added a photo to my sig, and for some reason it's showing up huge! The source file is only 200 X 130 pixels, but when it displays it has the little "click here to view full photo" crap at the top...
  15. spicysaurus

    Most distracting audience member

    I'm nearing the end of my marathon rewatch in preparation for the new season, and I've noticed that some of the people the TG team position near the stage in the studio segments are remarkably distracting. Now, I have no idea what criteria they use to decide who gets to be on camera, but in the...
  16. spicysaurus

    Anybody else on Twitter?

    Are the TG boys actually on it? I'm following the three most likely candidates, but today richard_hamster announced he's not actually Hammond. I guess that's the trouble with the internet. You just never know.
  17. spicysaurus

    Clarkson: Jeremy Hosts Charity Race

    Looks like Jeremy is doing some charity work: The price really isn't too steep when you consider what you get. If I were in the UK I'd consider it for a vacation.
  18. spicysaurus

    What has Top Gear taught you?

    We all know Top Gear is an incredibly entertaining show, but I think it's pretty educational too. I mean, before I watched the show, I had no idea what understeer was, couldn't have told you how much horsepower a Bugatti Veyron has, and had never even heard of an Opel Kadett. Now, I certainly...
  19. spicysaurus

    BBC America: What are you doing to my show?!

    So I'm new to Top Gear fandom, but that doesn't make me any less rabid than anyone here, I'm sure. I watched my first several series via bit torrent downloads, then I caught an episode on BBC America (I live in Texas). I realized about halfway through that I had that episode on the computer, and...