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  1. Donington

    Horizon 2 Photothread

    I'm not sure how many of us have this game yet, but I've always enjoyed these threads from previous titles. As Horizon 2 is gorgeous, I'm sure we'll see some fantastic shots! Here's a couple of mine to start with...
  2. Donington

    Ownership Verified: 2005 Honda Civic Type-R

    So after four years of relatively trusty Focus ownership it was time for a new daily driver. So here it is! It's a Cosmic Grey Premier Edition EP3, 95k and unmodified. I love it! Will get some better pics (and clean the car) soon.
  3. Donington

    Grand Theft Auto V

    Well, we all knew it was coming but it's finally official. The trailer's out November second, and I'm already stoked. As such a huge fan of the franchise, I simply can't wait to see the trailer, even though I know it'll just be a quick teaser. Thoughts on where...
  4. Donington

    Photoshop guys: Help a brother!

    Basically as some of you know, my Usual Suspects shirt did rather well in the shirt contest. Unfortunately, since then the shirt has hit the fan for me in a big way. The PC with all my original work on it has decided to shirt it's pants all over the place and as a result I can't get to my...
  5. Donington

    GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony

    So, the title of this autumn's second GTA DLC has been announced as, rather suprisingly, "The Ballad of Gay Tony." Less surprising is that you play as the baseball-jacket wearing Dominican Luis Lopez, who was the odds on favourite for the new main character...
  6. Donington

    Clarkson: What cars should JC destroy?

    As we all know, Jeremy and Top Gear love blowing up rubbish cars as much as they do driving great ones around twisty roads. However in recent years it's happened to some cars that didn't deserve it, such as the Alpine. So..what crappy car would you like to see Jezza pack with tons of...
  7. Donington

    Better late then never: My Peugeot

    Yes, this is the beast in question It's a 2000 106 1.4i.
  8. Donington

    Plato injured in Caparo T1 fire

    Jason Plato has been quite badly burnt after a Caparo T1 he was driving burst into flames at 150mph, while filming for Fifth Gear. Other than burns he's ok and hoping to race this weekend in the BTCC. It's the finale of the season and he's close to winning the championship...
  9. Donington

    BTCC season start was brilliant!

    If anyone else was dissapointed with the very dull start to the WTCC this year, it was a great relief to see that BTCC appears to be returning to the form it was a decade ago.The three Brands Hatch races that started off the season were hugely action-packed and there were some suprise entrants...
  10. Donington

    Roewe 450 (Rover 45)

    This is basically the new Rover 45, now owned by chinese company Roewe. There's a fair amount of British work on this, by ex Mg Rover people. If it's marketed as a Rover over here, you never know, it might do well.
  11. Donington

    Making of the amphibious Camper Van.

    I hope this hasn't been posted before but here shows how the Amphibious Camper VW was made, if anyone's interested!
  12. Donington

    Someone has it in for the anti-car people...

    Yesterday, as you might well know, a letter bomb went off in London, in of the offices responsible for the congestion charge. Today a similar event happened in Berkshire, and it's belived it was targeted at someone who has something to do with those speed/number plate monitoring cameras...