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    Canadian Viewers

    If you guys didn't know already Top gear is on Bell Expressvu channel 635 on BBC Canada on sat and sun nights at 7pm eastern. Anyways, Now they have have caught up in the episodes showing the final episode tonight. If I was a betting man they will probably start back at the first episode...
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    Video before sound

    Having trouble burning the season 8 episodes (sure it will be the same with the other seasons) When I've put the episodes onto dvd and then go to watch them on my dvd and TV, the sound is way ahead of the video and can't watch it like that. I'm using Nero, burning 2 episodes per DVD With menu...
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    Burning Top gear episodes to DVD

    First off I'd like to thank the site for making the top gear episodes available. In Canada we are behind about 2 years but now have been able to watch all of them. Now on to my question. How are you guys burning your episodes to Dvd so that you use the least amount of DVD's but still able to...