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  1. v0od0o

    Roads to drive in the UK?

    Hey guys, I'm going on a business trip to the UK around the end of the month and will take a few extra days off at the end of the trip. I was thinking that'd be a great opportunity to hit some interesting driving roads and see some of the country side. So I'm hoping for suggestions from you...
  2. v0od0o

    You on Halloween Weekend

    It's Halloween weekend, where are those pictures of you and your friends in your costumes!? I was Borat and everybody loved it!
  3. v0od0o

    Classic Car Show - Kirkland Councours d'Elegance

    This was last Saturday in Kirkland, a couple miles away from where I live. Unfortunately I couldn't be there, but one of my friends was and he uploaded his photos so I thought you guys might wanna take a look at them, some of the cars are pretty amazing...
  4. v0od0o

    Advice needed, I'm getting an EOS 350D

    Alright photography buffs, I finally gave in and will be ordering my EOS350D pretty soon (as in this week hopefully) So now I need advice on everything else, lenses, carrying bag, and anything else you think is indispensable or useful. I already have a tripod so I don't need one. Oh and do you...
  5. v0od0o

    Forza 2 Dyno run, Identify the VTEC

    An article about a heavily tuned NA Integra Type R that was being dyno-ed for Forza 2 by the Turn 10 team (The new name for the folks developing Forza at MS) The car is brilliant and they have a small contest with 4 different sound files for 4 different VTEC engines at the end of it. Identify...
  6. v0od0o

    Free Audi Q7 and RS4 test drives for all (US) This is an event organized by Audi where you'll be able to drive the all new Q7 plus almost all of their other cars (including the 07 RS4! :drool: ) You can register for free if you live in (or are willing to travel to) one of those cities: Atlanta May...
  7. v0od0o

    Street Races (Funny)

    Well, we were having this discussion on an internal mailing list for gear heads like us when someone came up with this amazing metaphorical picture of "safe" street races. Not to be outdone, someone else made a literal picture out of it and posted it with the soon-to-be-classic quote. I just...
  8. v0od0o

    I'm Autocrossing!

    Well, in a little more than a day. Next Sunday should be my first participation in an AutoCross. The registered entrants so far can be found here at the risk of all of you knowing my full first and last name :P I'm super excited, I bought a helmet (planning on taking on motorbikes soon), topped...
  9. v0od0o

    I have to come out clean

    I'm sorry guys, I can't take it any more. I would like to come out clean with you and hope you will still accept me as a member here. For the past year or so I've been trying to fool you with an elaborate lie into thinking I am someone I'm not. I told you about me moving to the US, working for...
  10. v0od0o

    My Group Drive (With Photos)

    I went on a group drive this last Saturday, it was the first time I participate in such a thing, and man, was that a blast! Honestly, I never thought I can drive this hard, I never thought cars can do what was done, I never thought I can be around so many excellent passionate drivers, and I...
  11. v0od0o

    I got a bimmer!

    I got my new car!! :thumbsup: I can't possibly describe the feeling :mrgreen: But first of all I wanna thank you all for your priceless input and responses you made on my car purchase advise thread in the off-topic forum. You guys have been of tremendous help. And as a thank you I will...
  12. v0od0o

    Purchasing a car in the US, advice appreciated

    Ok so the senior members in here probably know about my impending move to Seattle, USA due in exactly 11 days from now. For the newcomers, I got a job at Microsoft US and am about to move to Seattle accordingly. The thing is, when I do relocate I get temporary housing and rental car for a month...
  13. v0od0o

    Fifth gear available for download

    A rather unusual move, if you check here you will find that fifth gear is now available for download "legally", they have some free clips as well as larger ones for 1.5 Sterlings each... I wonder if this will catch on. It'd be a shame not to with all the fan base for 5th gear....
  14. v0od0o

    What do we enjoy about speed?

    Well, What is it that we enjoy about speed, or more specifically driving fast? Just a few days ago I went on a drive for around 1.5 hrs around town, I travelled for around 150Kms. I do enjoy driving a lot. It was around midnight and I used roads that I know will not have a lot of traffic, I...
  15. v0od0o

    I am accepted at Microsoft :D

    Hi guys! It's me again, and it's great news again, so many great things are happening to me lately. Some of you probably know that I had applied at Microsoft US and that I was being interviewed for a few months now and waiting for my results. My Results are back and I was accepted!!! I just got...
  16. v0od0o

    I bought my first car!!!!

    Hey guys, I just bought my first car!!!! Got it last night, and I'm happier than ever!! It's a hard thing to buy a car here.... prices are high and salaries are very low.... I sometimes thought I'd never be able to get one, but I got one now and it's new!!!! I got a silver Opel Corsa GLS 1.6, we...
  17. v0od0o

    Online Flash Games

    hmm in the future maybe we can sticky this, I didn't even know if I should start it here or in the entertainment section... It's mainly links to simple online flash games.... No registration just cute little games that you can use to kill a few minutes. I started thinking of this thread with...
  18. v0od0o

    BitTorrent Vs. Hollywood

    You can read the article here what are your views?
  19. v0od0o

    Citroen's new c4 ad

    hehehe awesome, download and watch here, what do you think? :wink:
  20. v0od0o

    Can you believe this car!?

    Not ur usual petrol or diesel car, This one is electric, and before you close now you have to hear the specs first: 800bhp, 4 sec 0-60mph and 7 sec 0-100mph, that's faster than a 911 turbo :!: At Italy's Nardo high-speed test track facility, the Eliica (The car's name) recorded a top speed of...