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  1. mmap

    TV: Marvel's The Punisher

    Well this is a first... couldn't be bothered to finish the season. (and I managed to finish Luke Cage and Iron Fist).
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    TV: Marvel's The Punisher

    Yeah, a few episodes in myself. Will watch further for sure, even though I agree, a bit slow paced...
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    Unecessary Complication in Road Cars

    Yeah... that's what I do now, but the cruise control is now always shown on the info display in the instruments pane? and I have to scroll through menues to see the more useful day to day info there, which is also annoying and unnessary. And who uses the speed limiter??? I've never met anyone...
  4. mmap

    Unecessary Complication in Road Cars

    Cruise control.... I had a Renault Megane several years ago, and to use the cruise control you had to push a small (hidden from view when driving) button on the dashboard. That was super annoying and ensured I never actually used it. And now I have a 2017 Renault Captur and they've moved the...
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    Cool Videos

    So much feel, wow. That's awesome :cool:
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    Unveiled: 2017 Hyundai Kona

    My Renault Captur has the same colour scheme, and that looks an awfully lot like it from everywhere else than directly from the front...
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    Unveiled: 2017 Citroen C5 Aircross

    Looks great, but I can't buy any Citroen/Peugeot simply because the automatic transmissions they have are completely undrivable...
  8. mmap

    So, when does Season 2 start?

    So Hammond can't seem to be able to avoid head injuries...
  9. mmap

    Iron Fist (Netflix Marvel)

    It wasn't THAT bad... (but by no means any good either). I watched the episodes in a couple of days and only fast forwarded some bits. (that's more than I can say about Luke Cage). But I agree totally on Redliners opinion, those monks must suck at teaching.
  10. mmap

    Want an FG Racing Zippo lighter or key fob?

    22,5 is fine. Let me know the total cost and how I can pay you
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    Want an FG Racing Zippo lighter or key fob?

  12. mmap

    Want an FG Racing Zippo lighter or key fob?

    Ok, so how do I get one with the skull??
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    Want an FG Racing Zippo lighter or key fob?

    What he said.
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    I saw the first episode and was confused.... I felt like I was jumping in mid-season or something. Confusing...
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    Superman & Batman movie

    Have to agree with the opinions on this page. Snyder is just not the right guy for this kind of movies.
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    Daredevil on Netflix

    Just marathoned the shit out of the season and was left wanting more episodes.... Great series, better than the first for sure.
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    Manual Vs. Automatic

    For a long time I hated automatics and laughed openly at people who used them... Then I started to actually commute in traffic and have been using automatic eever since. Would not change back. If you drive in a city, an automatic is the only way to go.
  18. mmap

    Movie: Deadpool

    First movie in AGES that I actually laughed out loud at! LOVed it
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    [Official] Clarkson announces new show! / Amazon Video [Hammond & May too]

    Prime doesn't (officially) work in Finland either, but I haven't had any issues viewing their content... to the rescue
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    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    This was a good day :) This was a good day :) So I had a good day... I was at a test drive event. [/IMG] The idea was, they have a selection of cars and bikes you can just take for a drive and see how you like them. A few highlights: Nissan Leaf: First electric car I've ever driven and I...