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  1. jack_christie

    Idiots + cars = LOL

    Takes seven Canadian cops to check out a Lambo exhaust and find nothing wrong!
  2. jack_christie

    Sabine Schmitz - RIP

    Car that won N24 had a Sabine tribute on it like the Frikadelli Racing cars:
  3. jack_christie

    Sabine Schmitz - RIP

    Sabine Schmitz Kurve Corner to be named in honour of Sabine on Sept 11th
  4. jack_christie

    Off Road

    Jeep Grand Cherokee L 2022 - Off-Road
  5. jack_christie

    Let's have a laugh

    Bum note for GBNews:
  6. jack_christie

    The Trump Presidency - how I stopped worrying and learned to love the Hair

  7. jack_christie

    Covid 19 CRISIS
  8. jack_christie

    The 2020 elections, news, and discussions

    Where the hell is that Georgia Grand Jury? pdf...
  9. jack_christie

    The 2020 elections, news, and discussions

  10. jack_christie

    Let's have a laugh

    The UK has a new Fox News clone called GB News, commonlly refereed to a Gammon News, Gammon Bollox News, and such like. Already an advertising boycott has started. People have been prank txting them:
  11. jack_christie

    Ineos Projekt Grenadier

    First drive reports are positive
  12. jack_christie

    Rejoice, rejoice rejoice!
  13. jack_christie

    UnUnited Kingdom
  14. jack_christie

    The Apple Silicon discussion and experience thread

    Updates fixed the ssd wear problem? iMac stangled?
  15. jack_christie

    Lordstown Motors Mirage?
  16. jack_christie

    Rejoice, rejoice rejoice! Report
  17. jack_christie

    Random thoughts.... [Tech Edition]
  18. jack_christie

    Rejoice, rejoice rejoice!
  19. jack_christie

    Rejoice, rejoice rejoice!
  20. jack_christie

    Rejoice, rejoice rejoice!

    Game on: