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  1. thedguy

    Clearing your plate syndrome

    Were you raised to "finish your plate" no matter how full you were? Do you still find yourself following that policy? My older brother and I were raised in a house like that, but my brother got more of it than I did. The result, he will eat just about anything and has to fight to keep his...
  2. thedguy

    How does it go? I fought the law and the law...

    Lost son! Work sent me out to the middle of the desert, some 2.5 hours from home. It also happens to be a haven for speed traps. I got hit by a bike cop using lidar claiming 16 over. I was cruising with traffic but I got picked off as the unlucky bastard. Luckily that shitty California legal...
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    Saw a chevy volt and Tesla chasing this today when I was headed out for lunch:
  4. thedguy

    The Classic Seat thread.

    I need help. I want different seats in my Miata. I was going to do Lotus Elise seats but the cost of those in the past year have over doubled on the used market. They look perfect in the cars, set you down nice and low, are light, etc... Sadly the price scares me away from them more due to...
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    In the junkyard parking lot

  6. thedguy

    The 11 Commandments of the Road

    This is text from a book Spectre got, he's too busy to post it so I'm taking the liberty.
  7. thedguy

    Road trip entertainment

    After coming home from a recent drive from Fresno and realizing how I kept the trip from putting me to sleep, I'm now wondering what do you guys and girls do to keep from losing your sanity on long boring drives? Usually I either call a friend or relative and catch up. Enjoy my music...
  8. thedguy

    On the cart track

    1955 Ford pickup. 351W thats been bored and stroke out to 39x (I don't know for displacements well). This truck was competitive with my Miata around the same course which is not friendly to long/wide vehicles. and A Peugeot 205 GTI. These were never sold in the US, so EXTREMELY...
  9. thedguy

    Miatabusa... yes a Miata with a Hyabusa engine

    sauce Took out the stock bike trans (as it'll likely blow up) and used the standard gear reduction to bring torque to the miata trans input to 160lb-ft and max revs to 7k rpm. The engine will still scream but this keeps the trans alive and the car driving much more like a car should...
  10. thedguy

    Couple of toys up in malibue

    Myself and some of the local roadster crew hit up Mullholland 2 weeks back and came upon a couple of sweet cars. Some pics I some how lost (new m3, z3 M coupe) Fiat with a bored out 850 to 903 or 906. Guy looked to be having a blast on it and was a real sweet ride. Fiat X1/9 Ariel Atom...
  11. thedguy

    This oil makes your car purrrrr
  12. thedguy

    Pulled over for the First time... this week!

    So I was driving "spiritedly" in the roadster. Now I say spiritedly because I still had plenty of grip on the table and room to work with for any by standards... I went through a canyon to get to Woolery's Tech Day in Whittier (If you're in Socal, google it, and come out for the next one) when...
  13. thedguy

    Jalopnik: How A $500 Craigslist Car Beat $400K Rally Racers

    This man is my hero! One of the best reads in a while.
  14. thedguy

    Thorium for Nuclear power...the hippie friendly nuke?

    Grabbed this out of the latest Wired mag (jan-2010) Basically it's claiming that thorium (vs uranium) is far more common of a fuel, it's significantly more efficient, it's harder to reprocess it for weaponry (though still possible), and best yet... It's actually safe. The fuel is...
  15. thedguy

    How to get de-friend zoned...

    So, you're in love with one of your friends, but she has a boyfriend and probably wouldn't have sex with you anyway. What you will need: 1 x knife, 1 x ring, access to a sunbed, the ability to grow a beard (I see Haig is working on this already). Step One: Place the ring on your wedding finger...
  16. thedguy

    US Government to fund Lemons racing After reading you'll find that all you have to do is 1) buy POS 2) fix, build for lemons (easily will soak up the 1 year ownership requirement) 3) update registration, keep it fully raceable 4) after...
  17. thedguy

    Jalopnik: Sickos scratch mint condition Studebaker Silverhawk & something about a GT-R

    The Nissan Skyline GT-R from Fast & Furious was stolen as well.
  18. thedguy

    Ownership Verified: 1.8L of Cockiness - No Longer bringing down the home values around it edition

    I didn't feel like I fit in well enough when driving through South Orange County. At least now I can be a badge whore with the rest of 'em :P 1991 BMW 318i, 5speed with the DOHC motor... the very motor I bitched about before when my brothers timing chain decided it wanted freedom via the oil...
  19. thedguy

    New model, Old parts!

    Ok this crappy tag line from Fast & Furious had me thinking when I first heard it "If a car company used that the car would fail miserably." But after thinking about it and realizing that many people are screaming far cars like those from back in the day, what cars would do well, or at least...
  20. thedguy

    Concept: Mercedes concept for meeting 2015 CARB regulations.

    Source This is where we are fucking headed in not too much time if CARB keeps up their shit.