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  1. tommy

    Mercedes/Mclaren SLR snapshots

  2. tommy

    Terrible rally accident. This weekend a terrible rally accident happend in Norway. The codriver was killed and the driver broke his back and is hurt badly. Use this thread to give your condolences to all the people involved. Codriver Remi Gudmundsen was very active...
  3. tommy

    Technical thread

    I come to think about that you guys dont have any technical/repair threads on your forum... or am I wrong? Doesnt your cars have problems or needs upgrades once in a while? It could be nice to be able to get some advice from other "car lovers"... :)
  4. tommy

    My car photos

    My very first post on this forum. Wuhu! Should just warn u that my English isn`t that great! :? Well... to the pictures. The site is in Norwegian, but I`m going to ask my friend Daniel (he is active on this forum) to translate it. ;) And there we go: PS...