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  1. tommy

    Their Cicular Life

    Works in my Explorer...
  2. tommy

    Mercedes/Mclaren SLR snapshots

    I suppose Mclaren should have had more to say in the development of the car. I reckon its MB fault the car weights almost two tons... :yucky:
  3. tommy

    WRC Sweden.

    Eh... HELLO!? Did you see M. EKSTR?M on a couple stages. He was one minute faster then the Skoda Drivers in a rented private Skoda(!) Henning is also driving really fast now after some trouble in the first stages. :thumbsup:
  4. tommy

    Their Cicular Life

    cool site!
  5. tommy

    Mercedes/Mclaren SLR snapshots

    vexor: Yes I got many pictures of it in highres. But I wasnt satisfied with the pictures because there where too many people in my way... I can "link" the pictures to you in a PM when I get home from school today. And for me the car is uncool. I like its looks, but its still not a cool car. Its...
  6. tommy

    Mercedes/Mclaren SLR snapshots

  7. tommy

    Terrible rally accident. This weekend a terrible rally accident happend in Norway. The codriver was killed and the driver broke his back and is hurt badly. Use this thread to give your condolences to all the people involved. Codriver Remi Gudmundsen was very active...
  8. tommy

    Couple Pics *** +56K Warning ***

    Wow! I love the two pictures of the musclecars at night! Really good stuff. :thumbsup:
  9. tommy

    The Perfect 10 Car garage

    My list: (constantly modified) Lancia Delta EVO Verde York Porsche 944 Turbo Ford Escort MK1 RS1600BDA Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2,7 (1973) Ferrari F-40 Toyota Land Cruiser BMW M3 E30 Audi UR Quattro Ford Sierra Cosworth (NOT the sedan version) VW Beetle 1303s :unsure: I think thats It... Ok...
  10. tommy

    Technical thread

    I come to think about that you guys dont have any technical/repair threads on your forum... or am I wrong? Doesnt your cars have problems or needs upgrades once in a while? It could be nice to be able to get some advice from other "car lovers"... :)
  11. tommy

    You need a laugh? Go here!!

    Hmmm... I dont find the funny part? Is it me or...?
  12. tommy

    Crap Cars

    Hahahahaha! :unsure: Very sorry about that...
  13. tommy

    Lens Flair

    Here is my picture for today. Its my friend Fredrik. He is reading a Classic Ford magazine while he is dreaming of owning a Ford Capri RS2600... Anyway, the picture was for a school assignment.
  14. tommy

    Crap Cars

  15. tommy

    BMW 7 series restyling

    Not so shure about that new BMW7, but I think it would be a lot nicer in real life. I remember that I didnt like the old one on pictures either.
  16. tommy

    Crap Cars

    Oh.... shut up! :(
  17. tommy

    Model designation deletion of the BMW Ms

    I like cars with no bagdes. I`ve removed the bagdes on my 944. Not because I wanna fool someone, but because it looks cleaner (besides that font Porsche used in the 80s is horrible).
  18. tommy

    Crap Cars

    Yeah! I fix
  19. tommy

    Crap Cars

    Hmmm... why doesnt the pic work?
  20. tommy

    Crap Cars

    Daniel: I know, that lada is really nice! Last night i was chased by one... Luckily I got away! ;-)