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  1. jayjaya29

    Nissan end of year meet

    This is my first "published" article and would like some feedback. I know there is one typo above the white Toyota.
  2. jayjaya29

    Bioethics case study, need you ideas and opinions

    Got this to work on in my Bioethics class. Post your ideas and opinions on this. I'd really like to know how you feel about this situation and what you would do about it.
  3. jayjaya29

    1054hp 250mph chop topped Porsche 997

    Sourced back from diesel station, but found on Genmay. I don't see how it could be legal with polycarbonate windows, but what the hell, it looks amazing.
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    My 2000 Nissan Altima

    Yep, here is what I drive day in and day out. Debadged Upgrades thus far: -Nismo 1.3 Radiator Cap -Debadged -PIAA Fog Lamps Grid Series Racing Pedals -Eccho's TB Spacer -Injen WAI -AT Grounding Kit -Vibrant FSTB -UR Pulley And it gets 24MPG :D Its not that fast right...
  5. jayjaya29

    Scudari Engine - Super Efficiency

    I'll let the article do the speaking. Linky Discuss.
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    Why Lambo doors might get you dead (NWS, NSFW)

    I'm surprised this hasn't shown up on this forum yet, its be on the other car forums already. Anyways, a Lambo crashes and flips over, passengers cannot get out because of the Lambo flip doors. Warning, graphic graphic pictures. Full charred bodies in pictures. Nothing yet on the story, no...
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    Whole bunch of new stuff!

    No I did not bite the bullet and get my beloved 350D, but my Dad gave me all of his old photography equipment. Check it out: Gonna learn the basics with the TL first. Whole lotta stuff here, only bad thing is I gotta use film and get it processed, but it will be an interesting learning...
  8. jayjaya29

    Rear Wheel Alignment

    Alright, I went to the local tire shop becuase my rear passenger side tire was making a lot of road noise. I got them balanced, but the mechanic told me that its making a lot of road noise because the treads are torn up. He also told me that the other rear tire IS THE WRONG SIZE. Yes, I have...
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    Shifting Supercharger

  10. jayjaya29

    Caparo T1

    See for yourself:
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    Spark Plugs

    Do "high performance" spark plugs make any difference in a car at all? I see all the time, low resistance, high output (something like that) spark plugs, they advertise like a few extra horses. Is there any credibility to that claim? Lets take my car for example. 2000 Nissan Altima, totally...
  12. jayjaya29

    Ford GT Wreck

    *sigh* Shit never stops. Guy has GT for 2 days and only had 9 miles and runs it into a steel pole. WAIT!! Make that 2 wrecked GT's :wall: :wall:
  13. jayjaya29

    [Tuning] Rinspeed zaZen Concept

    Crazy thing.
  14. jayjaya29

    Front Strut Tower Brace

    I just bought a 2000 Nissan Altima, it does not have a Front Strut Tower Brace. I am wondering, if I get this THIS, will I notice anything, and is it worth it? Compared to other upgrades for my car, this is quite cheap, I just wanna know if its worth it. Thanks.
  15. jayjaya29

    Sig Problem

    This is a trivial problem, but it bothers me to no end. But why is there such a large gap between the bottom of my sig picture and the area for the PM button and AIM button, etc etc. I was looking at everybody else's sigs and they don't have this problem. What am I doing wrong?
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    Look what I did

    Well I killed about an hour making this up, tell me what you think of it. The hardest part was getting the colors right, they still aren't perfect. All these pics are my favorite, unedited pictures that I have taken. If you feel compelled leave some feedback on some pics and rate them...
  17. jayjaya29

    Michelin Tweel

    Maybe its a repost or something, but this idea is sweet. Click here to see!
  18. jayjaya29

    Car Magazines

    Okay guys, I want a car magazine, but I need your opinion on which is the best. I want something that is along the lines of a road&track or Car&Driver. Something like that would suit me best. Which do you prefer, and which do you suggest I get?
  19. jayjaya29

    Formula 1 engine question

    Okay, how the hell do the engines of Formula 1 cars have their engine revs so high, like 18,000RPM!!! Just thinking about 18,000RPM is just mind boggling, I mean just think, the fuel and air mixture goes in, combustion, then it has to be pushed out. I know there are more cylinders to give it...