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  1. jensked

    Nokia E72 dead after (failed) update

    Hi good people of Final Gear! I recently bought a nokia e72. My phone told me i had to update it to new software. So I connected it to my computer (running win7). I started the nokia phone update software, which correctly identified my phone etc (yesterday I transferred files to it, stored...
  2. jensked

    Another "i'm gonna buy a new pc and need your opinion" thread

    Hi there, ho there Ok, my current pc is from the stone age, so I'm finally gonna buy me a new one. It can't be over 1000 euros and i need to be able to play games for the next three years. I can buy this one for 1050 euros: fully assembled, 3 years warranty and legitimate Windows Vista. I'm...
  3. jensked

    Make your own guitar fx pedalboard

    Heyhey This weekend I finally got to work on my pedalboard (for those non-guitarists: a pedalboard is a series of guitar effects put on one "board" so you don't have to connect and power them up everytime you go somewhere). I know there are premade pedalboards, but i wanted something...
  4. jensked

    How long can aircon work?

    Hey there, hi there I just got back from a fantastic holiday in the south of France. We had to drive 950 km (took us no more than 10 hours, which is quite fast). Luckily I have (manual) aircon in my 2006 Toyota Corolla wagon. But I nearly got a heart attack when we had been driving for about 5...
  5. jensked

    Wooden Ferrari F50 boat

    Quite the lulz: Source: More pics:
  6. jensked

    93-year-old geezer rams 2 Porsches

    :blink: The guy hits two Porsches by accident on a Porsche dealership's parking lot and flips over with his Fiesta. Look at that beautiful classic 911 :cry:
  7. jensked

    Need help from people that know e-mail servers well

    Hi y'all. We recently changed our e-mailserver. Just a pop-server, no exchange stuff. When we mail to (or when some on a Skynet internet line mail through, we always get this message: Where's the problem? Not on our smtp server, because on Skynet internet-lines...
  8. jensked

    Car Dilemma: keep old one or buy a newer one?

    My dad is buying a new car (a hideous Kia Cee'D Sporty Wagon :cry:), but that means he will sell his old car. So the dilemma is: do I buy my dad's 2 year old Toyota Corolla Break (2.5 years old, 53.000km, 1.4Diesel) or do I keep my 2001 Opel Astra (119.000km, 1.4 petrol)? The rationale is that...
  9. jensked

    Audi A1 unveiled at factory

    The unveiling of the new Audi A1 in the factory of Audi Brussels yesterday. Did a search, but the search function is somewhat unhandy with the minimum 3 characters and car types are often only two characters... Anyways, commentary is in dutch, but you'll get to see what it's gonna look like...
  10. jensked

    Schumacher to star in Asterix movie

    Movie wil be out end january. Looking forward to it! I love Asterix, the comic books anyways. Artist impression, the movie will be real life.
  11. jensked

    New Ford Fiesta ("Verve")...looks HOT! New Ford Fiesta "concept car". The exterior looks HOT, the inside is a bit too futuristic for me and it kinda looks lika a Motorola Phone, but it puts the Fiesta back on the map for me.
  12. jensked

    Porsche 9ff GT9: Bugatti Veyron killer

    I want to see this car going, but it sure looks ugly... Source:
  13. jensked

    Sarkozy Drunk

    Sarkozy drunk...after a meeting with Putin... Sarkozy has said he never drinks :) So it's not always the same president we can laugh with :P Is there a full lenght vid of this?
  14. jensked

    How to acces mirc through firewall?

    I would really like to be able to acces the irc room from my workplace. Unfortunately there's a firewall blocking mirc. Fortunatly, I'm the one that "sysadmins" the firewall. So if someone can tell me the way the firewall rule should look like (less or more), that would be really nice. Protocol...
  15. jensked

    i'm back too! hurray!

    Whoopie! I missed this place too much to ignore it. It's been two months now since i've got a job and those two months I felt too tired to read the forum after I got home. So i've decided to read it while i'm working. (Probably i'll still be working harder than my collegues)... Unfortunately I...
  16. jensked

    President Bush vs Governor Bush

    Governor bush vs President Bush :lol:
  17. jensked

    Galleria Ferrari

    SOURCE: A new exhibit opened 15 April at the Galleria Ferrari in Maranello, Italy to celebrate the celebrity owners of the sports car. Included in the exhibit are several celebrity-owned Ferrari models, including an Enzo Ferrari, a 250 California, and a 275 GTB. Also on...
  18. jensked

    The perfect european should be...

    As this is such an international forum :lol: Don't know if it's a repost, but I just saw it in a powerpoint i have to study...
  19. jensked

    The new Honda NSX
  20. jensked

    5th Gear Episode Guide

    This is the official 5th Gear episode listing for every ep that aired since 2002 when the show first began. USE CTRL F to look for specific topics before posting a "in what episode did they feature the..." PDF : TXT...