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  1. gti138

    So... I'm going to be a dad

    My wife's 39 and a bit weeks pregnant.. we went to see the obstetrician today and he's going to induce her early next week (only a few days early) Safe to say I'm fairly shitting myself at the moment... Not so much about the birth process - for 2 reasons. a) I just have to be there and...
  2. gti138

    The Stig: The Stig makes an appearance on the Chaser's War on Everything..

    The chaser boys have used the stig on a recent trip to London to get rides off everyone. The episode will be up shortly on Basically they wanted to see if you could just go to people on the street with the Stig and a camera crew and drive around in peoples cars. They got...
  3. gti138

    Safety Car Fail

    RmERmXVjZfY Forgive me if it's a repost - I did a quick search and couldnt find anything... Definately LOL worthy!
  4. gti138

    Clipsal 500 2009

    Took some photos today with my new D60. First time at the event with a DSLR - makes a huge difference from my film SLR and the P&S Digitals. Took just over 800 frames today - most are pretty samey but managed to get some good shots and even some good action. This first set is of one of the...
  5. gti138

    Raccoon bites back at attempted lover???

    AN enraged raccoon has bitten off a man's penis as the pervert tried to rape the animal. Russian Alexander Kirilov, 44, was on a drunken weekend with friends when he leapt on the terrified animal. ?When I saw the raccoon I thought I?d have some fun,? he told stunned surgeons in Moscow. Now...
  6. gti138

    Digital SLR time

    I'm looking at purchasing a DSLR for myself. I have a 35mm SLR that I havent used in quite a few years due to the hassle of film etc. Used to teach Photography as well but haven't picked up anything other than a compact for the past 5 - 7 years but am really keen to start getting back into...
  7. gti138

    Ferrari in Pole Position in Adelaide

    Taken from,22606,24564978-5006301,00.html A YOUNG man wrecked a Ferrari worth a quarter of a million dollars, but escaped serious injury, when he crashed into a Stobie pole at Walkerville today. The driver and his passenger have been taken to Royal...
  8. gti138

    New PC time

    I've been hanging onto the old desktop box for what seems years - Athlon XP 2600+ based system. Anyhow it's time for me to go out and build a new PC - despite working in IT I haven't kept in touch with what's the goods in the retail PC market for a while.. What I'm looking at the moment is the...
  9. gti138

    They say sex sells....

    I wonder if it will help this guy sell his CPU though?
  10. gti138

    HondaF1 - Don't give up hope yet!

    It seems Honda have written off the RA107 as a failure and are going to debut a new chassis in Canada! From Honda's ghastly start to the 2007 season looks set to lead to drastic changes within the team, including an all-new car in time for the Canadian Grand Prix. Following on...
  11. gti138

    Formula 1 Dream Team Competition on Sportal

    Very similar to the V8 supercar one that's running here The League code is: 925066 and the name is FinalGear (but you don't need that to join) Sign up here: If you are already part of the V8 supercar dreamteam competiton then you can use that login!
  12. gti138

    PC going too far...

    Story on,23663,21172378-10229,00.htm Gibe has car show in a jam AUSTRALIANS might never see Richard Hammond's return to Top Gear after one of his co-presenters asked if he was "mental", sparking a deluge of complaints. At the start...