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  1. Strelok16

    The RWD extremist thread

    I mean, there are at least a few of us left on here, right? Those of us who, for all sorts of reasons real and imagined, have issues, justified or not, with all drivetrains other than good old RWD and would never drive anything else by choice?
  2. Strelok16

    The General Flight Sim Thread

    ...alternatively titled: The Aviation Thread [Entertainment Edition] :P Anyway, I may be going out on a limb here, but I know there are at least a few other flight simmers here, but since there are so many different sims out there and seemingly only a few of us, we may all be flying different...
  3. Strelok16

    Installing things in a new PC, how hard can it be?

    So I have a new PC that I just bult (well, just got working, but that's another story...) And I'm about to start installing all my stuff on it, when a tempting but possibly hugely idiotic thought occurred to me. What if I just took the hard drives out of my old PC, with OS and everything still...
  4. Strelok16

    Goodguys West Coast Nationals 2011 picdump (includes some awesome model engines)

    Thumbs, click for huge. Hope everyone likes my point and click photo shooting skills :) silly hood... but otherwise DO WANT The model engine hall. Everything in here was built from scratch, many of them mostly by hand, and fully functional. ...except for this old Harley. that wasn't a...
  5. Strelok16

    Jalopnik: The mystery of a ghost BMW dealership

    Remember that abandoned dealership filled with early 60's (I think) US Steel? Well it looks like in Canada, one filled with 80's BMWs has been discovered:
  6. Strelok16

    The Great Date Car Debate

    The Premise: Since FG is also a place where both men and women are known to discuss cars, I just thought I'd see what happens if I post this here. Anyway: The Results So... thoughts? Other cars to bring up for debate? The AW editors thoughts on the Porsche and the BMW were pretty...
  7. Strelok16

    Aston Martin and Zagato team up for new car

    More + Official Aston Martin Press Release .....I liike this news. A lot. /me sits and waits for the 21st
  8. Strelok16

    Rear engined, RWD Alfa coupe planned So far, I see nothing not to like! Well, assuming could be sold in the US Turns into Will be sold in the US, that is.
  9. Strelok16

    The Cape (TV)

    Anyone else planning on watching the pilot for this tomorro? After watching a whole bunch of the trailers it looks awesome enough to deserve a thread methinks. At first, I was skeptical of another superhero show on NBC, but this one looks pretty fun and badass. And, unlike that other superhero...
  10. Strelok16

    My PC is starting to have trouble, well, starting

    So I go to turn on my computer the other day. I press the power button, and I hear the fans spin up as normal... but that's as far as it got. No starting beep, no lights came on in the front of the tower, the computer just sat there with the fans running and no other activity. From the noise...
  11. Strelok16

    Red Orchestra: Heroes of Stalingrad

    If you played Red Orchestra: Ostfront, or the UT mod that came before it, then you know what this game is all about. If you haven't, then this quote from this interview sums it up nicely I think: Trailer (Gametrailers, can't embed) Official Site I can't wait, especially after reading about...
  12. Strelok16


    Right, this started with a tired and barely intelligible post I made in the science thread. I didn't want to start another thread then because I assumed there would be about zero interest. Well, turned out there was a bit, so here we go. I'm still not so sure about this, but I figure it can't...
  13. Strelok16

    Officially Official: BMW Gran Coupe Confirmed For Production

    Article: So basically it'll be a 6-Series sedan, as I understand it. Still no word on what they'll call it though.
  14. Strelok16

    Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann: "A third model would fit Lamborghini very well"

    Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann: "A third model would fit Lamborghini very well" Might be a bit to early to be getting excited, since this doesn't seem to be much more than speculation, but still... More: errm...
  15. Strelok16

    Medal of Honor

    Anyone else following the new MoH? I am definitely glad to see this series getting a reboot. Even if it does seem they are jumping on CoD's modern/special forces bandwagon, I'll be fine with that if it's good. I mean, they can't really stay in WWII forever...
  16. Strelok16

    Dream Garage - Your Favorites of the Past 100 Years Edition

    yep... as if we didn't have enough of these already :P but I searched, and I don't think we have done one like this yet. the other threads constraints are based on the number or type of vehicle in your garage, or countries, etc... I thought i'd do one based on the different eras through which...
  17. Strelok16

    Old Games

    So I had the thought to start a thread about old games (I searched, so don't hurt me if there already is one D: ) because right now i'm kicking myself for never picking up copies of the No One Lives Forever games when they were in the bargain bin. I had a good chance to pick them up for cheap...
  18. Strelok16

    Charlie Wilson Dies R.I.P. :( I might not agree with everything he did, but he was a hell of a guy. If you haven't seen the movie about what he did, you should. Its excellent, and as far as I can tell, doesn't even...
  19. Strelok16

    BMW E24 M6 vs Porsche 928

    Besides my thoughts that I actually posted in that thread, the "Cool cars you should actually be able to buy" topic also got me thinking about these two: VS so which one?
  20. Strelok16

    How long can you reasonably expect a hard drive to last?

    So yeah, both my hard drives in my PC are quickly headed towards the pile of old dead computer hardware in my room that I haven't bothered to get rid of yet. These ones lasted about four years. I already got some new drives to replace them and backed up all my stuff, so it wasnt that bad... this...