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  1. Ruffian

    Vancouver Olympics Games thread

    Watched the opening ceremonies at a bar downtown. Maybe it's cuz I'm a girl or something, or just really patriotic, but I got teary at some points during the ceremony. I teared up when the georgians came out. Whole bar exploded with cheers. Loved how Terry Fox's mom carried the olympic flag...
  2. Ruffian

    Vancouver Olympics Games thread

    Haha thank you! Yeah Vancouver is known for the rain. We call our city "Raincouver" most of the time. Hasn't been that bad this winter though. I wished for more snow, but we sort of panic in this city when it snows =[ Bah. I got up at 5 am to go see Arnold Schwarzenegger carry the torch...
  3. Ruffian

    Vancouver Olympics Games thread

    People are sooo pumped here in Vancouver. Less than 24 hours till the start. I'm going to be downtown tomorrow since i work there. I seriously hope it stops raining though lol
  4. Ruffian

    Which continent do you live on?

    North America. I am Canadian =^.^=
  5. Ruffian


    O hai!! Name's Vivian. Gigantic fan of Top Gear for years. Currently carless since i am a poor starving student from British Columbia. *cries*