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  1. Posmo

    Ownership Verified: My 44 -year old antique ['70 Cortina "GT"]

    Thanks for the comments. I think Ringmeet is a bit of stretch for the car as all the components are new, "untested", and it has had significant modifications that are not yet fully road proven. I've done maybe 1500km's with it now after the modifications, and it has been mostly reliable, but...
  2. Posmo

    Ownership Verified: My 44 -year old antique ['70 Cortina "GT"]

    All the pictures in the thread are fucked thanks to photobucket, but the car is finished. Here is a photo dump of some of the progress with the car.
  3. Posmo

    Icetrack meet 2018. Time to ditch Lapland

    Preparations to improve the Sierra's pathetic performance last year have started.
  4. Posmo

    Finalgear Ringmeet 2017: Holyshit, has it been ten years already?

    In an unexpected turn of events, I will also be attending the meet along with my gf and the Clio 182. I went through the thread cursorily, but found it slightly lacking in information, and as a first timer I've no idea about any of the proceedings. We would probably arrive on thursday evening...
  5. Posmo

    Ownership Verified: My 1992 Peugeot 405 Mi16

    I would start with the coil, had very similar symptoms with my iS when the original coil failed.
  6. Posmo

    Ownership Verified: My 44 -year old antique ['70 Cortina "GT"]

    Progress on the Cortina has been quite slow as I have -once again- taken on some side projects for friends, however, even slowly working on the car gets it closer to some day being finished: The car is back in it's "stable" and has received some additional paintwork behind the front grille and...
  7. Posmo

    Ownership Verified: Second Life: Peugeot 106 Rallye 1.3

    IIRC in that instance it was a dab of handbrake, but it was quite happy to oversteer just when lifting off the throttle :) I was co-driving for Lastsoul, and and from my perspective it seemed like the only thing it really needed to perform incredibly well was 2 times the power it has. Currently...
  8. Posmo

    Ownership Verified: My Vintage 'Sports Car' - Austin Seven Special

    It has such excellent support from the bearings that it doesn't need any? (:lol::lol::lol:) Seriously though, the engine might either be externally balanced, or possibly just not balanced at all, this is the early 1900's we're talking about.
  9. Posmo

    Ownership Verified: My Vintage 'Sports Car' - Austin Seven Special

    No surprises there.. That looks like the least substantial thing in the world. :lol: Looks like it would be relatively easy to have a replacement machined from a raw stock of better, more modern material? Presumably replacements are hard to come by?
  10. Posmo

    Ownership Verified: My 44 -year old antique ['70 Cortina "GT"]

    Went to see the car today, the finish is really pretty damn nice for being painted in a garage.. Some better pictures: It's not *quite* as red irl as it looks in the pictures, but it's certainly not as dark of a shade as it used to be. But I'm warming to the strawberry shade already. :lol:
  11. Posmo

    Ownership Verified: My 44 -year old antique ['70 Cortina "GT"]

    Fuck me that was a lot of work. A friend of mine agreed early last year that he could paint the car for me for a good price. A deal was made, and I was supposed to bring the car to him after Christmas. Well, due to the amount of paint prep work needed on the car it took about a month more than...
  12. Posmo

    Ownership Verified: My 1986 Volkswagen Polo Classic

    :lol: Perfect choice!
  13. Posmo

    Ownership Verified: The red baron! My Donkervoort S8AT, hubby of topless swede and connoisseur of boost!

    I really like the way the Gt28 packages with the 4wd exhaust manifold, really tucked in there nicely! (even if the head needed some modifications for it to fit..) Finally the car is getting the engine it deserves :D
  14. Posmo

    Ownership Verified: My 44 -year old antique ['70 Cortina "GT"]

    Readjusted the engine mounts, and it fits like a glove.. Seriously it's like the car and the engine were meant to be :P Really really pleased with how far back it sits as well: And as I was happy with the fitment, it was time to make another exhaust manifold! (I think this is...
  15. Posmo

    Ownership Verified: My 44 -year old antique ['70 Cortina "GT"]

    Finally feels like I'm making proper progress. Started yesterday by hanging a spare engine block in the bay to see how stuff would line up. And surprisingly enough, everything fits nicely! I was able to get 10-15mm of clearance everywhere by just carefully placing the engine in a good...
  16. Posmo

    Ownership Verified: My 44 -year old antique ['70 Cortina "GT"]

    Progress has been a bit slow due to a customer engine I took on, but I might have the engine bay in paint next week. So far it has taken maybe 35 hours of work just to prepare the engine bay and inner wheelarches to the point that I'm satisfied with them.. The car will have separate front and...
  17. Posmo

    Ownership Verified: My 44 -year old antique ['70 Cortina "GT"]

    Still waiting for the front wing shipment from the UK, they should arrive this month, which will speed things up immensely. For the time being, I've been working on important, but slightly miscellaneous stuff, mainly strengthening the car bodyshell: First, made my own strut brace: Some laser...
  18. Posmo

    Ownership Verified: My 44 -year old antique ['70 Cortina "GT"]

    Borrowed a Smith and Deakin front fender for trial fitting, and made the decision to go for fiberglass for the front fenders. Couldn't find a good enough condition replacement fender, so this is the best way to go. Upside is that they won't rust :D I will of course strengthen the front end...
  19. Posmo

    Oliver's son - 79 Opel Kadett

    This probably wouldn't feel wrong ;):
  20. Posmo

    Porsche 924 '76 ? A winter beater from heaven