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  1. altoid

    Unverified Ownership All roads lead back to Mazderp - altoid's second Mazda3

    Oops, I did it again. When I sold my last car last year (huehuehue), I did it with the plan not to replace it. I wanted to try carless life in LA, since I had barely been driving at all. Well, I discovered it works surprisingly well! That's a topic for another thread, but the need for a car in...
  2. altoid

    Unverified Ownership Like RdKetchup but with moar FREEDOM: altoid's FJ-08.5

    I know I just did a thing, but I did another thing. I'm sorry. Actually no, I'm not sorry at all. My life is quite different now from what it was in March, and I've adjusted my garage appropriately. Back then I commuted on my motorcycle, and it was 4 miles of tight, crowded city streets, so a...
  3. altoid

    Unverified Ownership My summer fling: 2018 Miata Club

    This classy lady will keep me company for a week or so. She's a 2018 Club manual (with the 2l engine we got), and she's a hell of a ride. This is an acquaintance's car. He's considering upsizing to the 86 platform, and I suggested a swap. He gets an extended test drive, and I get to engage in a...
  4. altoid

    Unverified Ownership Ecksy the Yamaha XSR700

    Well, this happened. It's a brand new 2018 Yamaha XSR700, one of the last available, as 2019s are about to start rolling into dealerships. 0 miles on the odometer. No farts into the seat besides my own. First, some nearish-term plans; • frame sliders + axle sliders + engine covers • tank...
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    The world is flat: altoid's BRZ

    Finally. After a decade of threatening to do so, while buying two other cars and two motorcycles, I actually bought a BRZ. The important bits: 2018, World Rally Blue, manual, Limited, Performance Package, STI short shifter. The important future bits: SERBARU vanity plate on its way (hat tip...
  6. altoid

    It?s fucking yellow, alright?! altoid's Ninja 500R

    If an idea is sufficiently silly, it?s worth doing at least twice. So, why wouldn?t I get another motorcycle? And why wouldn?t I buy it from Shentar and ride it from Hayward to Palms myself? What?s wrong with basically learning how to ride on a 450-mile weekend ride? Nothing, I tell you...
  7. altoid

    Supercar Sunday 2017-10-08

    TRIGGER WARNING: All photos were shot in portrait orientation (with poor composition) and through Instagram (with noticeable compression). As such, viewing on your phone is recommended for minimal disappointment. :lol: Just a few examples:
  8. altoid

    Learning Is Overrated: You Donate, I Burpee (aka Fuck Cancer)

    Hello! Some of you probably already know what this is about. The rest need to check out this thread. C/N: I'm doing a fundraiser for cancer research and you should donate. For every $1 donated I shall again video a burpee, though this time I have a target pace to prevent it from becoming a...
  9. altoid

    Shameless self-promotion: I made (with a friend)

    Disclaimer: Yes, you can give us money through it. That's sorta' the idea. Last year I found the hilarious Goat Attack and shared it with lots of folks. A friend and former coworker thought it was a great idea, and we got to talking about how we'd remix it. We came up with the idea of sending...
  10. altoid

    I drove and passengered on a track and here's them onboard videos

    A few weeks ago I had my bachelor party weekend, and as part of it my friends got me some fun track time: 5 laps of driving a 991 GT3 with an instructor and 2 laps of riding along a professional driver in a drift-prepped C6 Z06. I haven't seen these videos sober yet, but they may be lulzy. Or...
  11. altoid

    My apartment isn't grounded and I don't know anything about electricity

    The problem: I now live in an old 2nd-story apartment with not a single freakin' grounded outlet and I don't know anything about electricity. I've got a few electrical devices of non-trivial value: fApple MacBook Pro Retina, ARRIS/Motorola SurfBoard SB6141, Asus RT-N56U, Raspberry Pi, and a...
  12. altoid

    Serbs invade Croatia...again. - Zagreb Micromeet on 4.4.2015.

    This invasion will likely fail even more than the last one. I may be American now, but I'm a dirty liberal hippie, so basically useless at war. I'll be in Zagreb on 4.4.2015., and it seems IceBone, ed47, nicjasno, and/or some other folks may wanna' meet up for the day. I think I can handle a...
  13. altoid

    Help altoid/dickbutt name his Chromebook

    My fancy schmancy New Dell Chromebook 11 is supposed to arrive today, and I need a name for it. The reasoning behind the actual option in the poll: whiskey ? Dell shipped the thing from Nashville, Tennessee, and the state is home to Jack Daniels, arguably the most famous (if not particularly...
  14. altoid

    2014 Los Angeles Auto Show

    This past Saturday I went to the (glorious) 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show. I livetweeted the event for shits an' giggles, and took a bunch o' pictures (iPhone 5S, no post-processing). The pictures were all intended to be consumed along with the Twitter commentary, so some are of things that may...
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    Ownership Verified: Blueberry ? altoid's Mazderp3

    So, uhh, I bought a car today. Mazda3 s Grand Touring with damn near all the options. Autotragic (with paddles), hatchback, shiny blue outside, almond perforated leather inside, adaptive bi-xenons, HUD, push-button start, sunroof, nav, back-up camera, blind-spot detection, dual-zone climate...
  16. altoid

    MotoGP [possible spoilers]

    The first race weekend of the season is less than a month away! Exciting stuff: In perhaps the biggest off-season news, Aleix Espargar? has been mighty quick on his Open NGM Mobile Forward Racing Yamaha. Honda's Open bike, however, has been rather disappointing in testing (ask Nicky Hayden of...
  17. altoid

    Ownership Verified: Giggles: altoid's 2004 Miata

    After many years of threatening and promising, and months of looking for a BMW and failing at finding the one, I came to my senses and bought what I should've ages ago. She's a 6-speed manual 2004 Miata with 112k miles and needs a new top sometime soon. In fact, I'm gonna' take her to the shop...
  18. altoid

    Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares ? Amy's Baking Company

    C/N: Gordon Ramsay visits a restaurant and it's epically, epically bad. But seriously, worth your time. The Kitchen Nightmares episode in question (2 parts): Company's Facebook page: In case they take shit down, here's a lazily grabbed screenshot:
  19. altoid

    Ownership Verified: Bethany: altoid's 2006 SV650S(F)

    Well, I got me a motorbike. She's a 2006 SV650S with the lower fairing (thus the "(F)" part). 11,445 miles (100 of those are the delivery ride), a few mods (listed below), and that oh-so-gorgeous 2006 blue! :D I wasn't a huge fan of this color when I saw it on pictures, but it looks truly...
  20. altoid

    Asynchronous multiplayer iPhone game suggestions?

    As the title says, I'm looking for asynchronous (turn-based) multiplayer games that work on the iPhone specifically. Mostly looking for something to play with my girlfriend, so not a whole lot of violence, preferably. :lol: (I'm already aware of Words with Friends and Draw Something) Go!