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    Going to the recordings

    Something occured to me whilst watching the show recently. If you go to the recording. All you get to see is the News section and the guest interview. Everything else is recorded before hand. Some items months beforehand. We get the news (and uncut) a few days later on and as most people...
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    Teaser Ad for new Series If its a repost. Delete. Ta. :)
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    James on Radio 1

    Not a great interview by any means, but if you're interested it starts at 2hrs 9ms (you can click foward 5/15 min chunks) Click on "Radio 1" Scroll down to "Vernon Kay" then click "SAT" Hopefuly that works
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    Remember the guy with the Car collection

    Was on 8th May show IIRC. Had a Yellow Carrera GT that he hadnt driven. Well I think he has now. 8)
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    Back in the fast lane - The best of Season 1 and 2

    Without trying to upset the webteam, does anybody know where I could find this torrent? Done a search on Mininova, but nothing. PM if neccessary :thumbsup: