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  1. SuperStalin

    An European wants a modern American Muscle Car - Which one to buy ?

    My friend can't decide what to buy - he loves the new mustang, but when I presented him with the new Camaro, he just can't decide anymore :) He wants a car that looks nice, drives nice, but he said power is not important. He's probably going to try and find a second-hand car and import it from...
  2. SuperStalin

    The Road

    Just seen "The Road" with Viggo, Charlize, Robert Duvall... based on the rather good novel by Cormac McCarthy No need to delay the verdict, it's the worst kind of movie, one that could have been a masterpiece, but it turned out to be pathetic. Patches of great moviemaking with bunches of...
  3. SuperStalin

    The Belgrade Phantom I've spotted a torrent of this on a few trackers, so some of you Anglos might want to check it out. It's basically a docu-movie about an event back in the 1970's communist Yugoslavia, when some great driver guy stole a white Porsche 911s and drove it around...
  4. SuperStalin

    Chechnya: all the president's cars

    It's always nice to know who actually drives those nice cars.
  5. SuperStalin

    Merry Christmas to all the orthodox people!

    Hristos se rodi!
  6. SuperStalin

    Europeans:small secondhand car for a girl?

    My girlfriend to be exact. She has somewhere between 6000-7000? for a second-hand car here in Serbia. Which one should be the best among the smaller, cute cars? My vote goes for some VW Polo or Citroen C2, while she likes the VW Fox. The second-hand market here is saturated with bad Peugeot...
  7. SuperStalin

    Zombies, Brits, Big Brother: DEAD SET!

    This is probably the best zombie invasion type of thing I've ever seen. It's a British production, with five episodes. The world is overrun by zombies, and the only (relatively) safe place is inside the Big Brother house. I can't begin to explain how thrilling and chilling this all is, and it's...
  8. SuperStalin

    Best DSLR for my *special* needs ???

    Hello everyone, I'm SS, and I am a Serbian. After a year with the prosumer FUJI S6000fd I've realized I could make a bit of money on the side by doing stock photography. ( like, for this site ) I don't have too much money to start with ( around 1800 euros ), so I'll have to...
  9. SuperStalin

    The House of Saddam

    Amazing new TV series by HBO and BBC. Anyone who liked ROME or DEADWOOD will love this.
  10. SuperStalin

    Love Guru

    Do not watch. This ends the careers of Mike Myers, Jessica Alba and that black guy.
  11. SuperStalin

    SuperStalin's cartoon

    Thanks for the idea IceBone...
  12. SuperStalin

    A mandatory [PHOTOSHOPPED] tag ?

    To avoid the confusion with all the photoshop renderings of future cars, should it be made clear from the first post that the image is just an unofficial photoshop, and not an official preview or rendering or photo. There's been a lot of confusion lately, and it's really boring that half the...
  13. SuperStalin

    Top Genealogy

    Nobody paid me, but I searched a bit for the origin of the surnames of our three favourite presenters The Stig, Top Gear Dog and mr.Lovejoy j/k I've searched a bit for the original ethnic source of the surnames of James May, Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson. As you may or may not know...
  14. SuperStalin

    Aggressive Cop tazes driver - video inside Only 40 seconds, and zzapp!
  15. SuperStalin

    Mini Geography game: how well do you know the world? I got to level 11. IQ 123. I suggest those with hi-res monitors lower the resolution, because the map is tiny and precision is crucial.
  16. SuperStalin

    Your Post-Apocalyptic Ride?

    Imagine the world as we know it ended a few years ago. Civilization broke down, millions died from some unknown super-disease and the chaos and hunger that followed. All the major cities are deserted. Settlements are few and far apart, connected by deserted roads. Bandits roam the land...
  17. SuperStalin

    Resident Evil Extinction

    I kinda liked the first Resident Evil movie, it was mindless fun and Milla is hot. It was an OK movie to see and forget, it even had some memorable scenes, and it had a nice mysterious atmosphere about it... a lot was left unexplained, and I liked that... not enough to see the sequel tho...
  18. SuperStalin


    I just watched another episode of a automotive show made here in my little Balkan country. The show is called S.A.T. ( Traffic, Automobilism, Tourism ) It's amazing what they made. They compared the Lambo Gallardo, Dodge Viper, Porsche GT3, Ford GT, Ferrari F430 and a Corvette. Anyway, the...
  19. SuperStalin

    BMW M5 vs Audi RS4 Something doesn't add up... am I missing something?!
  20. SuperStalin

    Nissan R35 GTR 2008 -video- 8)