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    [12x06] December 7th, 2008

    When you sell a car, it belongs to the other person. Therefore they can do whatever the hell they want to it. If he wanted to sell it to a enthusiast why put iit on eBay? If he wanted to salvage parts "so others could live" he should of broken it himself. Fact is he sold it to the highest bidder...
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    [12x06] December 7th, 2008

    After a poor start to the season, that was probably the best so far. This is what TG can be. Informative, critical and most of all not formulaic. I hate watching it and seeing the joke before it's done. I hate when you hear Clarkson use the same catchphrases (I think it's Epic!, See what's...
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    [12x03] November 16th, 2008

    Why should he? When EVERY single week regardless of how good or bad the show is 50-100 people rate the show 10/10 If I was into research for the BBC they'd say "Look we're doing exactly what the viewers want every week, so no need to change anything" Hence my post last week about nothing being...
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    [12x03] November 16th, 2008

    WOW. Best Ever Episode. 1million out of 10. Perfect in every way. :P To the fan boys! Toyota chair. That was meant to be in the last series (I only know this cos I watched 11x1 today on Dave. So saw the preview film for S11 :lol: ) Boring. Very Tomorrows world which was also cack...
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    Going to the recordings

    Wow, so you get to see the pre-recorded parts 3 days earlier! And told to applaud on command by a director. Oh thats soo worth it! Double wow. You get to hear people screw up their lines and swear. oooohh the excitement must be difficult to manage. Men swearing. So cool these days. Oh and...
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    Going to the recordings

    Something occured to me whilst watching the show recently. If you go to the recording. All you get to see is the News section and the guest interview. Everything else is recorded before hand. Some items months beforehand. We get the news (and uncut) a few days later on and as most people...
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    [12x02] November 9th, 2008

    You know this thread has me worried. Not just about Top Gear but really about Final Gear and its number. Firstly everyone who gave this episode 10 is retarded. There is NO WAY IN HELL that episode was PERFECT in every way. Most people didnt like SIARPC but sttill gave it 10? I dont think thats...
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    [12x02] November 9th, 2008

    Angry Swede. They lined him up and counted him down. No camera operator in the world wouldnt of been focused on the car driving into the distance. It wasnt that he just "happened" to overdo it by accident.
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    [12x02] November 9th, 2008

    Im still annoyed that its only Clarkson you see at the very beginning of the show. Why not the other 2? Fiat review. That was quite long. And a good review especially adding the Strada and old Abarth 500. I liked it. However, a car like that is better tested on the roads not the track. But then...
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    [12x01] November 2nd, 2008

    GT2 - Im annoyed at that as it was a car I was looking foward to seeing. By not taking it seriously enough to put a lap time up it makes the LP560 look worse. Its just like in any form of competition if your opponent is percieved as lesser what value do you have in beating it? News. Sandero...
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    TG S12 advert

    Cheers to the Uploader! :cool: Its from an old video (Think Japanese) of Mika driving the McLaren F1 when it was launched. He mentions "hearing the Turbos whistling" when the car doesnt actually have Turbos fitted. I suspect Mika knew that though. Hes a fairly dry sense of humour! :lol:
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    DMotor vs. TopGear special (english subs)

    Well Carstein does say of the little paintball tanks "This takes me back. Dunkirk, Anaheim" Which was a little close to the nuckle but I think acceptable.
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    Stig to test porsche vs Nissan to nurburing?

    What gets me in all this is that Porsche have a lap of the GTR on film. But when they had the Carrera GT. Walter Rohl confirmed a few years later they just "estimated" the ring time. Also tells you how seriously Porsche take the GTR at all. I suspect they fear the 911 Turbo (and maybe even GT2)...
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    DMotor vs. TopGear special (english subs)

    Firstly THANK YOU to the OP for taking the time to sub the episode and upload it. I found it great and I think unlike a lot of people on here I actually got Carstens sense of humour. Super Dry and heavily self deprecating. I dont believe he was making genuine excuses for failing to win...
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    Jonny being pwnd by Tom (hilarious!)

    Brilliant! And sooo much better than Clarksons "fake" phonecall to Hammond about teeth in the Peel section a while back.
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    Your biggest Top Gear gripe?

    You know what. I completely agree. On a related note. I find it really insulting that people say "if you dont like it dont watch it" And what I find particularly curious is the 95% of the people saying that are not British and therefore not actually paying for the show like UK residents are. I...
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    S12 Car Suggestions

    What I dont want id for them to fill another 5 min slot with a newer version of a previous car. Let me clarify. Lambo Gallardo. Great car of course. But then we get the Superleggera review. I dont want a review of the 560-4 as a result. Becasue realistically theres not very much different on the...
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    The Germans on 11x06

    Thats the sort of thing Id liketo see the TG guys do. Proper real world handy driving hints.:mrgreen:
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    [11x06] July 27th, 2008

    We dont Celebrate massive casualities on both sides because of one mans desire to have power (shit sorry thats the Iraq situation isnt it?) We use that information to make sure it never happens again. Its old history and I for one get sick of idiotic Brits trying to dress xenophobia up as...