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  1. flyingfridge

    Non-Top Gear What's that Song?

    I have a question that's been driving me nuts and I can't seem to find the answer anywhere. :blink: Can anyone tell me the name of the song in this TV show promo? Keeping Up With The Joneses It's probably going to play an ad first, sorry about that. Thanks!
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    Melbourne Meetup MkIV - 11th of July > Yarra Valley and the Spurs

    Here we go again.... this is the same cruise we did first time out and its still the best :) This is the Melbourne Meetup and Cruise RSVP and organisation thread. Post here your attendance, what suburb you expect to be leaving from, if you're a driver post if you have spare seats and if you...
  3. flyingfridge

    Unveiled: 2010 Ford Taurus

    Hell hath frozen over, it appears you Americans have discovered how to make a tasteful European car. BRAVO!! (Just lose the chrome wheels, ok?)
  4. flyingfridge

    Top Gear Australia? PAH! It seems we've done this before...

    Just found this on caradvice... Very old Top Gear like, from 1994!! James Morrison was actually a really good front man for the show, I'm really surprised, it's actually pretty good!
  5. flyingfridge

    Fallout 3: Oz gets censored, so everyone else can cop it too! Booyah! :lol:
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    It's Back! Melbourne/Vic Meet - 26th October > Southwest Vic & The Great Ocean Road

    It's Back! Melbourne/Vic Meet - 26th October > Southwest Vic & The Great Ocean Road Here it is, it's back! The Melbourne/Vic Meet is on again! This time around we're going west so I can't wait to meet some new faces and see some old ones again :mrgreen: PLEASE NOTE: AFTER AN EXPLORATORY RUN...
  7. flyingfridge

    WALD does GT-R

    It seems the good people at WALD didn't read the GT-R owners manual which includes this page... ...because they just came up with this... ...there's a bit more visual drama than the standard car, I must say I didn't think I'd like body kits on the R35 but this looks bloody fantastic!
  8. flyingfridge

    BMW GINA Light Visionary Concept - WTF It's made of cloth?! WTF!? Potentially one of the coolest concepts ever :o
  9. flyingfridge

    Production GT-R SMASHES 'ring record.

    7:29!! :w00t: Wow, how fast is the V-Spec going to be? I think I hear Porsche weeping in the background...
  10. flyingfridge

    All Kinds of Aweseome: 2008 BMW M1 Concept Breaks Cover.

    No details yet, just the photos. It's on display at the Concorsa d'Eleganza at Villa d'Este. Hopefully there's a 600+ hp version of the M5 V10 sitting in the back there. BMW need to put this thing into production NOW. That is just awesome.
  11. flyingfridge

    OMFG it's happening!! Australia gets a Supercar as Joss announces production!

    Read the awesomeness!! Count 1, 2, 3, WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
  12. flyingfridge

    Melbourne Meetup MkII - 4th of May > Gippsland

    Here it is, Melbourne Meet MkII The Route We'll be following johnr's excellent-looking Gippsland route starting at a nice high profile meet point: The Village Green on the corner of Springvale Rd and Ferntree Gully Rd. The plan is then to shoot out the Princess Freeway in the direction of...
  13. flyingfridge

    Melbourne Docks Photoshoot 30th March **56k: bad idea**

    Had a ball guys, that quiet stretch of dock was a blast, pity about the bonnet lip spoiler on the R though!! I've put up a couple of the crappy photos i took with my point-and-click jobbie, can't wait 'till some of John and eddy's photos get put up, they were looking f**kn awesome!
  14. flyingfridge

    edmunds csx - Car Stock Exchange

    This is a sweet, sweet idea. You trade stocks of cars based on how successful they'll be. It's brilliant! I signed up last night and I've already increased my portfolio by about 100 csx dollars. more than worth a look!
  15. flyingfridge

    Melbourne Meetup MkII - Getting it sorted

    There have been a few people in the old thread starting to ask when we're going to get together for another drive so it's time to start organising the next Melbourne cruise! I've picked out a couple of potential routes, what do you think? Is there somewhere else in particular you'd like to go...
  16. flyingfridge

    It's here, the new FG Falcon!!

    And don't it look stunning! What I predicted about the G-Series was right, the Futura and Fairmont names are dead, replaced by G6, G6E and G6E Turbo. UPDATE: XR8 = 290kW 5.4L Boss V8 with semi active exhaust system :D XR6 Turbo = 270kW Turbo I6 Regular Falcon = 195kW UPDATE: Base 4...
  17. flyingfridge

    Orion Ford Falcon release this Sunday, teaser image released, shows nothing of course

    Will finally get to see the new Falcon on Sunday, but geez, if you're going to release a teaser, at least show us something!
  18. flyingfridge

    HERE IT IS!! Nissan GT-R embargo broken by MotorTrend!

    Without any bullshit, this is it! The one we've been waiting for! All the shittiness of the GT-R Proto's front end has been fixed! :love:
  19. flyingfridge

    Here 'tis! New STi Officially Official Pics

    It's now officially official with Subaru releasing a series of pics today: Call me crazy, but I reckon this is the best looking STi to date :drool: EDIT: Oh btw, 2000th post party!!!!!!!!!!! :mouse: :banana: :cheers::burnrubber::w00t::bunny::hump::driving: :woot:
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    The Melbourne Meetup Thread - 14th of October > Yarra Valley and the Spurs

    Here it is, the official Melbourne Meetup and Cruise RSVP and organisation thread. Post here your attendance, what suburb you expect to be leaving from, if you're a driver post if you have spare seats and if you don't drive and want to come along for the ride we'll organise you a seat. This...