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  1. ChaoZ

    This guy likes his Volvo

    Nice production values! V.O.L.V.O!
  2. ChaoZ

    Anybody have an original Mini?

    I've always had a fondness of the original Mini. Living in Canada, they're pretty rare cars and would cost upwards of $10k for a decent example. Am I crazy to think of getting one for a daily driver? I already have one very impractical car. As I understand it, parts are very plentiful, but...
  3. ChaoZ

    Wheel choices

    I am currently looking for new wheels for my Miata. I'm thinking of going down from the stock 16x6.5 wheels into 15x7 ones to save weight and increase my tire options. My friends, however, say I should be looking at 15x7.5 so I can run the 225 width (instead of 205). I currently have my eye on...
  4. ChaoZ

    Upgrade path

    I've been thinking of doing some upgrades to my Miata lately. I'm thinking of the following path, done over several years (budget concerns): Year 1 Tires/Wheels $$$ Suspension (Coilovers) $$$ Rollbar $$ Year 2 Thicker sway bars (if required) $ Seat/Steering wheel $$ Brakes (maybe as simple as...
  5. ChaoZ

    ...and there was much rejoicing

    Chris Bangle leaves the auto industry Well, as much as I hate most of his influences, he did give us the Z4 Coupe, which is stunning.
  6. ChaoZ

    Audi A4 - Reliable?

    My parents are looking to replace their car. Looking at the Mercedes C300 4MATIC, BMW 328xi and the Audi A4 2.0T I'm heavily against the BMW because they're just far too common around here, and the design is getting a little old. The Merc has a pretty low-end interior for its class. The new A4...
  7. ChaoZ

    Add one to the Miata club

    Picked 'er up today. 2002 Mazda Miata (MX-5) in Blazing Yellow (possibly the most appropriately named colour ever). I spent a lot more than I originally intended, but I'd like to think I got a lot more car as well. This was the cleanest used Miata I found, and the yellow really caught...
  8. ChaoZ

    So very tempted...

    I came across a 1991 BRG Miata locally (used car dealer) with 135,000 km on the clock (approximately 85k miles). Asking price is $6000, but it comes with the hard top (in fair condition, some paint problems) Looking on Auto Trader, the price seems to be in the ballpark for my region. The dealer...
  9. ChaoZ

    Best Motoring - Subtitles?

    Anybody know where I can perhaps download subtitles for the Best Motoring series? I just got one where they drive the BMW 135i and I would love to hear what they have to say about it. A casual search on the Open Subtitles database didn't turn anything up.
  10. ChaoZ

    A Motorhead's Dream Garage :shock: If I read it correctly, one man owns all of those cars.
  11. ChaoZ

    Cars you wish were available in your country.

    I'm in Canada, as such, we get about 95% of what the U.S. also gets for cars. Here are a few cars available around the world that I wish were available for the Canadian/North American market. Keep in mind, most choices I pick are more practical than supercar. 1. Mitsubishi Evo (Not available in...
  12. ChaoZ

    Detailing a car

    Beyond a regular wash at the local gas station carwash (which includes wax), I'm pretty clueless about the application of wax, claybar etc. Does anybody know of an online guide for newbies or can give some step-by-step tips on doing this? I'm currently driving a white TSX, which means that it...
  13. ChaoZ

    Want to follow a motorsport...

    I've always had an interest for cars and such, but have never followed a racing series. Now with the internet, it seems more feasable to download races and such in very good quality. Which motorsport should I follow? I have some interest in F1 and Rallying, but don't know much beyond the...
  14. ChaoZ

    London Terrorist Attack

    More than 40 dead and 300 injuried in an terrorist attack in London during rush hour. Terrorists hit underground trains and a doubledecker bus. Islamic website has claimed responsiblity for the attack, but the validity has yet to be proved. Thoughts go out to all those injuried in the attacks...
  15. ChaoZ

    Have I Got News For You

    I'm looking for this BBC series that recently had Jeremy Clarkson as a host. It's a current affairs program that lampoons the topics of the day. Anybody know where I can get this on torrent? UKnova perhaps, but they don't accept new regs.
  16. ChaoZ

    Dodge - Cruising for vagina

    Hope it hasn't been posted before.
  17. ChaoZ

    Forza Video at IGN Download the 37MB video. It's quite good. I'm gonna pick up the magazine too.
  18. ChaoZ

    Car mags

    I realize that the crowd here is unusually dispersed globally, but here goes... What car mags do you read on a regular basis? Here in Canada, we basically get what the Americans get (Motor Trend, Road and Track, Car and Driver), and the smaller tuner or make-specific magazines. I'm looking...
  19. ChaoZ

    Total Immersion Racing...

    What a piece of turd! I picked it up for $5 used at EB and I thought I grossly overpaid. Poor graphics, aside, the physics of the game are just stupid! I have never experienced twitchier cars in any other game. Even on dry asphalt it feels like driving on ice, HOWEVER, it seems to grip when...
  20. ChaoZ


    What's the difference between horsepower and brake horse power (used on Top Gear and Fifth Gear). Does bhp have to do with the power at the wheels or something?