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  1. Andeh

    Ownership Verified: 2021 Mustang Mach-E First Edition

    So I know some of you are aware of this, for others it'll come as a shock. As a preface, this isn't 100% mine. I've gone in on it with my father as an experiment for both of us to see if an EV suits our respective lifestyles. I mostly work from home now, but need a car I can claim business...
  2. Andeh

    Unverified Ownership 1989 Mini - Andeh's notactuallyaCooper

    It's been a whole year since I bought the Suzuki X-90, and I was getting the itch again. At the same time the COVID situation has seen my weekly mileage plummet from ~400 miles for work to 0 as I work from home. As such my summer commuter, the NC MX-5 has just been laid up the shed. Which made...
  3. Andeh

    Unverified Ownership Andeh's T-Top RWD Competition Coupe - Suzuki X-90

    So I did a thing. To make a long story short, I love trialling the Austin, and I want to take it out on the 'big 3' MCC long distance trials. These are trials which run overnight, include hundreds of road miles and some of the most difficult hills. Before I enter the Austin blindly though...
  4. Andeh

    [26x04] Mar 10, 2019

    Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris and Rory Reid buy used luxury limousines from Rolls-Royce, Bentley and Mercedes for the price of Britain’s cheapest new car, and test them out in a six-hour endurance race at Silverstone. Matt Baker is the studio guest.
  5. Andeh

    Ownership Verified: Andeh's 1927 Chrysler 60

    So to recap, I bought a barn find 1936 Standard 12, which I sold to buy a 1931 Rover Two Litre, which I have now sold to buy a 1927 Chrysler 60. The Rover was a beautiful car, and incredibly rare car. Unfortunately its uniqueness was also its flaw – I didn’t dare use the thing for fear of...
  6. Andeh

    Andeh's most modern car. It's a 2007 MX5, apologies.

    It's inevitable that everyone on the forum has one, right? So back in December I changed jobs to be much closer to home. It also meant that my commute, and general business driving, saw me on some of my favourite roads daily, and some of those considered to be the best in the country. As such...
  7. Andeh

    1931 Rover Two Litre

    1931 Rover Two Litre A couple of years ago some friends who are very serious about car collecting brought home a vintage car I hadn?t seen before from their regular auction. I was stunned, it wasn?t their usual sort of purchase, previously they?d only dabbled in small pre-war saloons, and most...
  8. Andeh

    World of Top Gear Cars going for scrap?

    I only saw the World of Top Gear Exhibit for the first time last month, on the hunch that before long it would disappear with (presumably) the BBC still owing the cars, and most the exhibits being Clarkson era items. Interestingly they did have the Volvo and the Mercedes from New New Top Gear's...
  9. Andeh

    1930s Saloons that look similar

    This doesn't really have any purpose or interest to anyone I suspect, but since buying the Standard at the start of the year I thought I'd finally get my head around 1930s cars. Like vintage cars, in my naive yoof I had written them off as all looking the same. Time has come to show me that this...
  10. Andeh

    How do you define a classic?

    I've had a rather heated debate with some 'classic' car hacks on Facebook about what constitutes a classic car. So I thought I'd open it up to FG and see what you all think. How do you define a classic? 25 years+ old? Sporting legacy? Technical achievement? Can a ten year old car be a classic...
  11. Andeh

    Ownership Verified: 1969 Ford Corsair - 'The Pube'

    Corsair =/ Coarse Hair =/ Pube. So on Saturday I went to get the latest round of winter tyres fitted on the blue Mondeo. While there I got wind that a friend was thinking of selling his Corsair. This is the same chap who back in 2012 sold us a NOS Anglia front badge, as well as a few other...
  12. Andeh

    The Yellow Peril! 1.1 Litres of 1986 Fiesta L

    So I saw this was heading for an okay price on eBay, and was local to me, so I put a bid on it. Then I won it. :| So off I went to collect a 1986 Mk2 Fiesta I'd never seen in my life before, which I'd legally entered a contract to buy. Pretty risky, but I think it paid off okay! Trailered it...
  13. Andeh

    Post-Vintage 1936 Standard 12. It's a little rough.

    Good afternoon, What the hell have I done?! So without any planning at all, I've bought a Standard 12, by accident almost. I got word from a friend last week that they were buying a collection of classics locally, and this was included. It sort of raised my interest, but what would I do with...
  14. Andeh


    Not sure how I've only just discovered these, but my God, do they look fantastic fun. Based on a mix of kart and cyclecar principles these are small vintage-style racing cars powered by 200cc Honda 4-strokes, on 17" Honda wheels. Pretty much everything else is up to the builder, and some of them...
  15. Andeh

    French Members - Normandy August

    Not sure how many this applies too, but over the last week of August I'll be driving my little Austin Seven (I'm creating the luggage space now...) around north western France, with lots of other young people in vintage cars (Austins, Model As, Rileys, even the odd Bentley). It's a week long...
  16. Andeh

    Ownership Verified: 2006 Ford Mondeo - Bangernomics Daily Hack

    So, as a few of you know, my 2004 Fiesta has been in my family since new, and between 2004-2010 it wasn't used at all really, covering just 4,000 miles or so. Once I passed by test, it became my daily driver, but again this didn't entail much at the time. In the last year, I've started doing...
  17. Andeh

    Change the colour of the Austin!

    Okay, so since I've had the Austin, I haven't been overly fond of the colour. I'd like to change it, and thanks to the glorious work of Matt2000 (please send him some rep for me!) I have some samples for your consideration. They are as follows: Works Orange Bronze Green Ford Caribbean...
  18. Andeh

    Testing A Poll

  19. Andeh

    Colour Change Request

    Hello all, couple of requests for a colour change, as I hate the red on the Austin. Wings and wheels will be staying black though. First is Austin Kingfisher Blue, which changes a lot between cars, but this particular shade is the one I'd like: Next is Ford Caribbean Turquoise, which...
  20. Andeh

    Cheap PC build

    Afternoon all, with impeccable timing my computer has finally called it a day. I suspect the rather ancient motherboard has finally failed. It's some sort of AMD Phenom X4, with 6gb of DDR2 (well, until half of it died), and an 9600GT from the days of the old. I've got a 120GB SSD and a 1TB HD...